new post history stays now.. until you have read the post

:happy: It sure makes reading the forums a lot less hassle.

I used to try to get all of the reading done in as short a time as possible before I lost the new posts tag. I’d skip a lot of the information and never have time to read everything before I had to log out or my session expired due to my wandering mind.
Now I can come and go as I please, then take my time to read and post whichever threads I have time for without having to search through the forums later.

Luvs the new posts function.

Insert similar post here.

problem for me is that if a topic has been replied to twice i have to view “both” new topics via their post number link other wise after reading the post it still shows up as a “new post”

Rather anoying actually so now it looks like i’m going to have to find that “mark all read” button if there is one :cry:

//edit: Ok there isn’t one. Could we add one please? I’m getting anoyed clicking on new posts to discover i’ve read them already.

On each forum, to the right of “new topic”. :content:

i meant a global one, by the time i’ve gone through the whole forum clicking each one i’ll of forgot what i was trying to do in the first place.

I ingore the new post thing normally anyways but the fact it sometimes doesn’t update anoys me weird eh. I usually just go through the forums looking at posts i might be interested in i pay little attention normally. :eh:

Gets ready to start using the subscribe feature so he know when a new reply has “really” been posted

:look: it’s on the left hand bottom of the forum index :peek:

It works great for me and makes the forum much easier to use. :smile:

hiding it down there no wonder i can’t find it :razz:

Hum… don’t think it’s working for me, but that may be because I just opened a new window and logged in without logging out origionally. Good idea though! I’d love that :grin:


Also, do not forget to have your preference set to accept cookies. You can erase them later.

SAME HERE! I luuuuuuv it. It’s kinda hard to break my old habits. :content: I still leave the LD4all forum window open fearing I’ll lose my post count. :grin:

My internet connection also requires the use of a proxy, and sometimes this proxy fails and I have to connect directly (which is slower.) Before, this would reset my post count :grrr: but not now! :cool_laugh:

If you regularly clean your cookies and cashe it seems that everything will reset and there will be no new posts when you sign back on. But, that’s the only problem I have had.

Cool, good option :happy:

It makes a difference for me :tongue:

I think this caused alot of problems for me, as now when you read a post on index page, the “>” does not change color anymore… Impossible to know wether someone has replied or not… Also the eyes stay open all the time aswell now… Everything worked fine a upto a few weeks ago, which i guess is the time this feature was added… I use mozilla-firefox btw, which have worked nicely with ld4all in the past… Same result on the 2 computers i tried.

tomas, those seem to be bugs that effect all users. The trade off for the benefits seemed worth it a few weeks ago, but I’m starting to have additional problems.

Last week when I had >100 unread post started to fail to load. I check 2 other computers at the same time, and only my computer had this problem. From this, I knew it was a local problem.

As a last restort, I deleted all of my cookies. This fixed my problem.

Today I noticed my “new post” list was again above 100, and recently again failed to load in Internet Explorer.

This time, I only deleted the LD4all cookie, and it fixed my problem.

I noticed the ld4all cookie was the largest cookie at 5kb.

Could this fat cookie be blocking IE from even attempting to load the site??

Seems strange that a cookie could cause this.

In my browser I get the 501 and 505 error message. With my satellite connection, there is a delay for request to websites. This error is local, and as soon as I type the error loads instantly. :sad: No attempt what-so-ever to even try to retrieve the webpage.

that’s not funny… :eek:

i’ll report that to the mod maker, maybe they have a solution. i cannot do anything about it myself exept removing the mod.

i have changed the mod so it now stores the unread files in the database instead of the cookies. i hope this solves some probs.

unexpected downside: all unread post you had previously stored in the cookies now are considered read now. :eh:

also it now also works on the index page (hurray)

the number of new posts will return soon, i have to add that again :grin:

Did the change to store the information in the database fix the index page problem?

wow! what great unexpected results! :happy:

no, i had to add something to fix that as well :smile:

the “>” icon still stays as “unred” for me even though i’ve read this topic twice now.