new post history stays now.. until you have read the post

:look: it’s on the left hand bottom of the forum index :peek:

It works great for me and makes the forum much easier to use. :smile:

hiding it down there no wonder i can’t find it :razz:

Hum… don’t think it’s working for me, but that may be because I just opened a new window and logged in without logging out origionally. Good idea though! I’d love that :grin:


Also, do not forget to have your preference set to accept cookies. You can erase them later.

SAME HERE! I luuuuuuv it. It’s kinda hard to break my old habits. :content: I still leave the LD4all forum window open fearing I’ll lose my post count. :grin:

My internet connection also requires the use of a proxy, and sometimes this proxy fails and I have to connect directly (which is slower.) Before, this would reset my post count :grrr: but not now! :cool_laugh:

If you regularly clean your cookies and cashe it seems that everything will reset and there will be no new posts when you sign back on. But, that’s the only problem I have had.

Cool, good option :happy:

It makes a difference for me :tongue:

I think this caused alot of problems for me, as now when you read a post on index page, the “>” does not change color anymore… Impossible to know wether someone has replied or not… Also the eyes stay open all the time aswell now… Everything worked fine a upto a few weeks ago, which i guess is the time this feature was added… I use mozilla-firefox btw, which have worked nicely with ld4all in the past… Same result on the 2 computers i tried.

tomas, those seem to be bugs that effect all users. The trade off for the benefits seemed worth it a few weeks ago, but I’m starting to have additional problems.

Last week when I had >100 unread post started to fail to load. I check 2 other computers at the same time, and only my computer had this problem. From this, I knew it was a local problem.

As a last restort, I deleted all of my cookies. This fixed my problem.

Today I noticed my “new post” list was again above 100, and recently again failed to load in Internet Explorer.

This time, I only deleted the LD4all cookie, and it fixed my problem.

I noticed the ld4all cookie was the largest cookie at 5kb.

Could this fat cookie be blocking IE from even attempting to load the site??

Seems strange that a cookie could cause this.

In my browser I get the 501 and 505 error message. With my satellite connection, there is a delay for request to websites. This error is local, and as soon as I type the error loads instantly. :sad: No attempt what-so-ever to even try to retrieve the webpage.

that’s not funny… :eek:

i’ll report that to the mod maker, maybe they have a solution. i cannot do anything about it myself exept removing the mod.

i have changed the mod so it now stores the unread files in the database instead of the cookies. i hope this solves some probs.

unexpected downside: all unread post you had previously stored in the cookies now are considered read now. :eh:

also it now also works on the index page (hurray)

the number of new posts will return soon, i have to add that again :grin:

Did the change to store the information in the database fix the index page problem?

wow! what great unexpected results! :happy:

no, i had to add something to fix that as well :smile:

the “>” icon still stays as “unred” for me even though i’ve read this topic twice now.

So far I have not had any problems with this. In fact, it works great. Much better than before. I do not know what is causing the problem for you.

The red indicates where the index doesn’t show properly, and the green indicates what pasQuale has fixed. Before, none of the “read indicators/eyes” on the index page worked. Now they all work except the top “ld4all news” and “recent discussions.” … which I think is no big deal, and I love the new feature!!

LOL did you see what you just posted? :tongue:

wow, I should have shut the door. :tongue:

It’s a pity that the new posts were lost but I guess it’s better now that they’re stored in the database, because now I can read from all three computers.