New Technique!

I use this same thing when I try to wake up for a certain time and it works for LD’s too! Very simple.
This might not work for people who’ve never had an LD before. You brain needs to subconsiously know what a lucid dream is.

Lie in your bed and spell “lucid” over and over until you fall asleep. You will wake into a lucid dream. While you’re doing this, don’t get all excited and keep thinking about getting an LD, just keep spelling the word.

This is kind’ve like hypnotizing yourself. :tongue:

I don’t see any novelty in your technique, Wyvern. What is the difference between this and WILD/autosuggestion/MILD techniques when you repeat a sentence until you fall asleep in order to wake into a LD?

Oh… I guess I had a different view on what WILD was. I didn’t know that this could be considered MILD or WILD as well…


Well, the biggest difference was that I didn’t have to focus on having an LD and stay awake for a long time.

Damn! that sounds simple. Gotta try :content:

Do you mean like a WILD, or more like a MILD or a DILD?

its more of a MILD !

that doesn’t sound very trustworthy to me

It sounds simple enough. So far it hasn’t worked for me, but then again, nowdays LD induction tech’s rarely work for me… I’m stuck relying on RC’s.

I don’t think any of the techniques sound very trustworthy, and you need a lot of practice with all of them… I just don’t get how some people can get lucid every day or even more often! It all seems like it’s random to me… like sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. getting slightly frustrated. But at least this one sounds simple.

It seems very similar to a lot of technique I’ve read, but good job none-the-less. :cool:

I don’t expect it to work for everyone. It works for me. Hey, my head just works wierdly.

Hmmmm…I tried this sucker last night. I improvised it by spelling not just “lucid,” but “lucid dream.” It seemed to make my dreams more vivid and memorable, but that’s all. Of course, that’s only me, and I sort of suck at LDing :sad:

Well…Even if it isn’t its own technique, it is a new form of WILD, or maybe MILD. Whatever it is, I’ll try tonight.

I became lucid when I saw these letters in my dream


I don’t think I repeated it over and over though, but it could help.