new to this,,many questions

I have just discoverd your site. I was on a quest to find out why i do not dream… Let me explain. It is only when i sleep with the tv on and with the the sound on,that i sleep fully,and also the only time that i dream…If i were to mute it,or shut it off completly i do not or rarely dream,(if i have tested it many times).

Also as a child i have several near death exp. i flat lined a total of 4times before the age of 8. And since have had i sense of what i guess is the other side. I have known there was something watching me(spirt guide im sure).

Since i was a child i have been able to on occasion…Relax and practive preception,where i look down at my self,and see myself,also then i can become exrtelmly large in accordince with my souroundings,i can be giant like,and everything with be ant like,and also the reverse…

One last thing,is it dangerous for people for people are subseptable to “seeing things”, to ld,will the sightings become worse,or appear in the dream,this could be horrifying for some…

Hi lewisbrd, welcome to the forum!

Pretty weird that you can only remember dreams with TV on. Perhaps this makes you sleep lighter, thus enabling you to remember your dreams. For me it would be absolute horror to sleep with TV on since I value quiet sleep.

If you want to be able to remember dreams (because you always dream, you just dont recall on waking up), without having to rely on a TV, I suggest first of all that you turn the thing off during the night. Then get used to sleeping TV-less, and do practises to increase recall. If you have’t checked yet, on the main site, there’s lots of info on this. Also, on the forum there’s a thread about dream recall, which you can find here. One thing I can already suggest is that you try to recall dreams by setting an alarm 1 hour before you would normally wake up, if you have the time for it. When the alarm goes, turn it off if nececarry, and lay quiet in your bed for a while, thinking about what you just dreamed off. If you dont remember anything, try to go through several topics and see if anything rings a bell (for example, think of all the different people you know, settings, etc). This might jolt your recall.

About your last question, there is no danger in (lucid)dreaming whatsoever because whatever you do, it all happens inside your mind, dreaming being a mental event. So whatever you see (and I dont say you wont “see anything”, because I think anything is possible, perhaps you can try find your guide in a LD even!), it depends on your own reaction if it is positive or not.

Well, that’s most of what I can think of. Good luck in your quest to lucid dreams :smile:.

You are in fact dreaming (everyone dreams) it’s just that you have poor DR.

I (personally) find that a good way of increasing DR is to repeat the mantra, ‘I will remember my dreams’ in your head at night, either until you fall or asleep, or until you get bored of it (I’d say do it at least half an hour if it’s keeping you awake).

Keeping a DJ also helps with this.

One thing to remember about LD’s - nothing you see is real. There is no reason to be afraid. And you are in control of everything - should you see something you don’t like the look of, then make it go away :wink:.

I do sleep in complete silence,every night. My wife cant stand the tv on,but on some nights when she works, i leave the tv on. But
most nights shes there with me in the dark and silent. Thats how i have been able to tell,that i recall them better with the tv on…