new to this, what am I experiencing?

I searched the internet for an answer to what I experience sometimes when I go to sleep. I read about the WILD thing and it seems somewhat like it.

When I go to sleep I usually think of all the things in my life currently being dealt with, friends, school and stuff like that, and then I fall asleep. however I sometimes just haven’t got anything on my mind, wich is good, so instead of doing all the thinking about stuff I fucus at nothing at all, or my breathing or the alarm clock ticking. Then I can feel how I get less and less awake, but still aware. and I start to see things. it is as watching short movieclips, but very strange. I often remember what I saw, or atleast what if “felt” like.

for example I once saw the torso of a man, wearing a black tshirt, and black gloves. I could not see above his chest and not below his belt. he had his hands (with the gloves on) resting in eachother, (how to explain?) hanging in front of him with his right hand grabbing his left hand, a bit like a security guard standing outside a pub or something. and I got confused about this vision, so I started to loose focus. when I do that the vision always starts to dissapear, like in the old disneymovies when the movie ends, the edges of the screen starts to “shrink” until it is all black. hope you understand what I mean. anyway the image slowly dissapeared until the only thing visable was his hands.

It is difficult for me to remain focused without loosing the vision. I have never been able to control the events in the visions, just spectate. is this “WILD” or what is it? is there any techniques for going further?

Hi Shaman_style, welcome to LD4all! :wave:

What you describe is what is called hypnagogic imagery (the acronym HI on the forum). So what you practice is near to WILD indeed. It means that you have facilities to go into the hypnagogic state and it’s a good sign if you want to practice WILD. After this state, you can go further and enter a LD. People having HI can zoom into appearing dream images, some others just wait and are passively “zoomed” into. But I don’t know if they zoom into HI or into the beginning of a dream, or if it’s the same thing. :neutral: