New tweak on WILD that will change your dreams forever!

Having trouble achieving and LD? I did, for a while, until I saw a post on our good friends over at DreamViews. It’s a technique that I have tried 4 times and it has worked EVERY SINGLE TIME. Its quite amazing really. I mean, super vivid lucid dreams. The technique was created by user CrazyInsane and it is basically like WILD except you program your alarm to go off by itself. Because of this, you dont move AT ALL, which will send you into SP immediately, allowing you to enter a dream VERY EASILY. I promise this works and urge you to check it out. Heres the link to the original post: … %2A%2Acraz yinsanes-wild-tutorial-%2A%2A.html (Sometimes browsers can’t view it’s weird formatting so I usually copy and paste it into Word or something).

The alarm I use is on my iPhone and called “12,24 alarm” or something in the app store. Heres how to use it:

-Make a new alarm for whatever time you feel most comfortable with.
-Turn the Snooze time to “off”
-Choose whatever sound you want (I think Wind Chimes is the best)
-Set Auto-Snooze to however long you want. This is the feature that will turn the alarm off. Since you turned snooze to “off”, the auto snooze will simply just turn off the alarm. I set auto snooze to 15 seconds to make sure it will wake me up.
If you want, make it fade in, vibrate, flash, whatever.
-IMPORTANT: When you go to sleep, MAKE SURE THE ALARM APP IS THE ACTIVE APP (that you have it open and showing on the screen) or it will not sound! You can lock the screen, just make sure the app is open and running, not just with multitasking!

When the alarm goes off, you wake up and stay COMPLETELY STILL. The alarm will shut itself off and within seconds you will feel SP kick in. Don’t worry, it feels (to me) like a bunch of warm electricity coursing through my body, quite nice really. Just let that wear off, and when it does, you are officially in SP and likely in the dream state. You can visualize the dream scene you want, but I usually just roll out of bed and it puts me in my room. Then I do a RC and lo and behold, there I am in a dream!

Well, thanks very much to CrazyInsane over at DreamViews for this method, it really is amazing! Check out his post (Link above) and read it through, its more in depth than this is!
Happy Dreaming!

What you’re describing is what is typically called DEILD. We have a guide on it here if you’d like to do some compare/contrast. :smile:

Yes but the reason this is different is that the alarm will wake you up. I could never do DEILD because I never wake up after a dream. It is also like WILD because it DOES induce SP. You just essentially skip the hard part (relaxation, meditation, etc). I often don’t even remember the dream I had before when I wake up, and thus I have no dream to re-enter. This is essentially a shortcut to a very successful WILD.

I’ve always found that good way to become lucid but what if someone shares the room with someone that it’s not so understanding and then what?

I mean it’s great that it works for you and if I were you I wouldn’t change it as long as it brings me a wanted result…

That’s interesting. I didn’t even know that existed (never been to dreamviews), yet I came up with this method by myself haha :content:

Oh wow haha, well that just means it works! Cool! your experience almost parallels mine :tongue:

Well, your idea sounds great but I don think the app is free in AppStore with the ones that uses auto-snooze options.

If someone is looking to do this I doubt they’d be concerned if the app is free or not?

Even though I really want to try this technique, I’m not just going to buy it.

Though I did see this technique on Reddit a while ago and there were a few good apps for both Android and iOS that were free, here. And then I realized that I could just use the Reminders app on iOS, which plays a sound at a set time and then stops after a few seconds.

Also, I’ve tried it on a few nights, but I couldn’t get it to work. I probably just need to adjust the times, and make them fit into my REM cycles.