Nightmare Induced Lucid Dream - NILD

Now I just thought of this technique while chatting with a friend of mine and reading her DJ. As the title suggests you will use nightmares to induce an LD.

To do so you will spend the day ( or hour, or ten minutes before bed) focusing on scaring yourself with a fear or set of thoughts to the point that you scare yourself so much that daytime residue becomes so immense and overwhelming that you have a nightmare on exactly that which you spent the day (or hour, or etc.) scaring yourself.

In combination with a reality check schedule for your fears, it is highly likely that you’ll have an LD. Also, repeating the same fear instead of varying fears will magnify this effect.

And the plus side: even if you don’t have an LD from your nightmare, I’ve found that I remember every single detail from my nightmares, so if you’re on a recall slump, this may be the tech for you.

Alrighty. I would love for feedback, ideas, and maybe even past successes to be posted. Any questions? Ask em, I’ll clarify if I can.

This tech has actually been used by some referred to as a lucid nightmare. It can be effective, though it requires one to be in a nightmare which I know I personally would like to avoid :tongue:.

… Had I mentioned in my DJ that I’d been paranoid before sleeping and discussing it on IRC, not expecting it to show up in my dreams… Then it did? >_< Unfortunately it wasn’t a nightmare I would have really liked. Other nightmares are fine… And Lucid Nightmares don’t always turn out the best for me. However, I do recall waking myself up from nightmares when I was little. I actually would like to revisit my childhood nightmares…