NiGHTS is (not) delayed

(The Sega Dreamcast came after the Sega Saturn. The Sega Dreamcast had superior graphics than the Sega Saturn).

Actually I never have seen either of those. I had the system with the different parts that fit together (I had the CD player and the cartrage player). I can’t seem to remember the name. I do remember that the playstation1 branched off from that system to become the most powerful system compared to the top-o-the-line computer

That isn’t even sega, that’s Nintendo. facepalm

no it was a sega. It was black. It had different segments. The cartridges were more “ergonomic” than the boxy nintendo cartrages. I know because I got a super nintendo. Maybe i was wrong about the PSI though. Some of the games I had were, Street Rash, Streets of ??? (sidescrolling fighter) Sonic 1, Sonic 2, The first hockey game with a password system, and Madden ???.

i believe you’re talking about the Sega CD?

He means he had the Sega Genesis/CD but misspoke about it branching off to Sony.
The story behind that was that Sony was developing a CD drive add-on for the SNES like Sega had for the Genesis. Basically, Nintendo screwed Sony over and went back on the deal, Sony dropped everything with Nintendo and took their half-finished work and turned it into the PlayStation.

Full story can be found in this wikipedia article.

To quote my highly accurate source:

So in other words, there is no delay. Their source was wrong, and on account of that, I was wrong. Looks like we will be treated to JoD this christmas after all.

Thats it Genesis!!! y didn’t anyone just say so???

Ah, excellent!
I have high hopes for it, but I really don’t think anything will ever be able to compare to the original, although I am looking forward to hearing the new soundtrack.

I found out the hard way that it’s better for them to delay a game than release it before Ironing out the bugs. I got Kane and Lynch: Dead Men last week and it completely doesn’t work on the PC, still waiting for them to patch it so I can actually start playing :grrr: .

Why is computer gaming so complicated (sigh). I don’t have Kane and Lynch but I have had the same problem. Thats why I like consols more :tongue:

Meh. I usually prefer Computer Games over consoles due to the ability to mod them and that they can easily be expanded upon by the developer (who can also fix bugs) with a simple download. Also, I love being able to make infinite copies of my save files (I’m paranoid about losing data) and the PC makes that so much easier.

To keep this NiGHTS related, I absolutely despise the Saturn’s internal memory. A lousy 510 memory blocks and the battery dies after about 3 years. Needless to say, I was completely paranoid about my save files until I finally got a Saturn Memory Card (and I still worry about it mysteriously erasing my data! :crazy:)

So I was watching CN looking for the new NiGHTS commericial, and I saw it. Apperantly it was given a 9 out of 10 by good old Nintendo Power. I liked it, but I can imagine boys ages 5-10 throwing things at the TV in annoyance. By the way, it isn’t online, so you’ll have to resort to watching it on TV if you want to see it. In america only.

Huh? What channel did you see it on?

Cartoon Network (watched just for that reason)

NiGHTS is coming out tommorow! However, I have to wait 7 more days to see if I get it, it being the holiday season and all.

That was unexpected…right before Christmas! lol

Awesome! I’m in the same boat as you however, and will have to wait a couple days as well.

By the way, I didn’t get a chance to see the new NiGHTS commercial, what was it like?

I just got NiGHTS, and having played through the first dream I have to say my opinion is mixed.

Firstly, NiGHTS’ voice frightens me, but I’m getting used to it, (he’s a Girl!! :eh: )

Secondly, the gameplay remains the same, but the actual concept has changed a bit. Instead of breaking Ideya Captures, you’re now breaking NiGHTS Captures. You start a level with NiGHTS being held in a Capture by Reala. You climb into the Capture and Dualize with NiGHTS. After that, you chase after three of these large Marens that you have to catch, for a reason that I forgot, and each maren is in one Mare, (lap) making for three mares instead of the first games four.

It’s okay… What’s odd to me is that there’s no longer any bonus time. I think it’s growing on me though, so I’ll keep playing and see how the rest goes.

EDIT: Actually, it turns out there are multiple missions per dream. However, the first mission of each dream, known as “Chase Mission” is the one I described earlier and the one closest to the old gameplay of NiD.

I got this game Christmas morning. This game gave me a pretty serious reason not to trust reviewers.

Reviews generally came in at around 6 to 7 scores on a 0-10 scale, much lower then it deserved. They all nit-picked the game for minor flaws (on-foot missions (There are only 4/31 missions on foot), voice acting (which some people actually liked, and I didn’t find to make my ears bleed or anything), and graphics (I just don’t care all that much about graphics… Besides, the levels look beautiful). The most major WRONG nitpick was unskippable cut-scenes. WRONG! WRONG!!! The cut-scenes are only unskippable the first time, and then if you hit the minus button to retry (right next to the plus button), you get to skip them. And you get to skip them with any repeats as well. This game seems to be overly nitpicked, when these reviews ignore the main aspect of the game, the one that overturns minor imperfections. FUN. This game is fun. It was meant for high replayabilty (sp?) as well.Spoilers Ahead

[spoiler]All A’s on every mission unlock the original NiD soundtrack.
Getting all 60 seeds allows you to jump in the dream gate fountain to exchange your charcter for either Elliot (if you are playing as Will), or Claris (playing as Helen).[/spoiler]