No control!

Hey I had my first LD last night. It was hazy but I thin maybe a DIELD. I could not control it.

The only thing I controlled I did once. I made my shirt red.

I knew I was in the dream but I was not in control at all. I tried and I knew a lot of techniques. I felt restrained also as the dream was controlling me.

It was also something similar to this

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That’s nothing to really worry about. It was your first LD and after all, you were at least able to change the color of your shirt, right? :content: It takes practice and most important, self-confidence to successfully control a dream. Here are two links to guides about dream control: first and second. (yes, they are very long but worth reading!)

Leijona is right. I started lucid dreaming when I was maybe 6 and its only been since I was maybe 11 or12 that I started to control it. It really just takes practice. Start with small things that you want to change (like your shirt), then when you get better you can try changing major things in the dream.

Okay thanks.