NOOO! I was so close.

I have always been interested in LD, since i was 13. I’m now 14, and last night i was very close. The only technique i understand how to use, is the one where you look at your hands with a word on them, and when you do it in a dream you realize you are dreaming. I BARELy understand WILD, but will soon learn. Anyways, i have a crush on my spanish teacher. :wink: In my dream, i was at school, and got sent to the principals office for cussing. I noticed it wasnt what my school really looked like, and that i was dreaming. I then went to where i thought my spanish teacher was, and sure enough she was there. I walked in, ready to make the move, until my math teacher walked in crying, and i woke up. :grrr: :grrr: :grrr:

How can i get a dream about school again?

Hi mta113,
Well you can dream about school again thinking over and over about school while in the bed and to be sure that’s the last thought of yours in order to have something related to that in the dream. Also you can recreate the school dream you had with the teacher by thinking of it over and over, if you do that when you wake up from a dream you can continue it.

Wow I kind of had a similar experience! Except I’ve never had a crush on my Spanish teacher, it’s a classmate. Anyway, what happened was we were in this weird version of my school (I think it was in a tree) and we were walking together (alas, something that will never happen in real life). I didn’t realize I was dreaming until I woke up for a second, looked at my clock, and I decided to go back into my dream and try to stay lucid. It didn’t work.

Hi mta113! Welcome to the forum and congrats for your first (very short) lucid dream ! :grin:
As you’re using a “hand + RC” technique, you can perhaps try the looking at your hand technique. It’s very simple and not so different from the technique you’re already using.

Another very simple technique : autosuggestion. When you go to bed, before falling asleep, repeat yourself mentally : “This night, I’ll realize I’m dreaming”. You can repeat this 20 times, or 50 times, or until you fall asleep, do as you please. You can also combine hand technique and autosuggestion, repeating “this night, i’ll find my hands in a dream and realize I’m dreaming”, etc.

About school, I see 2 methodes : the first is doing a reality check when you’re in school IRL, so next time you’ll be dreaming of school, you’ll make a RC and achive lucidity; the second is visualisizing your school before sleeping, and imagine it’s a dream in which you become lucid.

Thanks, i’ve never been so eager to go to bed :wink: