Normal Dream Challenge 12 - Congratulations Letaali

I remember two dreams and a fragment from last night. In the one dream I’m playing laser tag with friends. In the other dream we have to evacuate a building I’m working in with someone in a wheel chair, and a bed with balloons (dream recall is a bit blurry with this dream). The fragment had to do with trains. I feel like I remember more from this dream with the train, but that somehow what I remember is actually from another dream I had recently. But I’m not sure about that.

July 12: 1 ND

One long and two shorter dreams and a fragment from last night. The long one involved being in the mountains and a hotel. In another dream I was on LD4all and I was reading Qu’s journal, in which she actually met her personal goal of meeting her husband in her dreams. And another dream where we had a discussion about vegetables.

2 Fragments here this morning. No tasks completed.

July 13: 2 NDs

Been travelling, sorry. So dreams between 28th of last month to today? :happy:

Here you go

  • I was a drone, flying around when flying was a task.
  • I was on an alien planet, another personal goal completion.
  • Two dreams where I was surrounded by water. Rafting on a river and ending in a lake, then falling into a lake in a jungle in another dream.
    -Also got lucid last night, though that’s no extra points.
    -Saw nuclear explosions, counts as fire for late task points?

In total I think I’m claiming: 8 Fragments, 7 NDs, 1 Task, 3 Late tasks, Second Personal goal completion.

14 July

1 ND - Distance

July 14: Fragments only

Had 2 NDs here this morning. No tasks completed.

One dream during which I woke up 3 times about having a baby and two more dreams and a fragment.

-.- Two and a half weeks of updates in one post? I feel like I should deduct a couple points per day those dreams are late, like a high school teacher. I am going to however count them all as if they happened during this last task period, as dumping half the challenge’s worth of a previously unannounced task work on the last day is unfair to the other players.

Anyway, no, the explosion does not count as a fire. The task stated “the flame must be a sustained (so no flashes of fire balls or explosions)”. In order to count task points for the rafting dream, I’m going to need more details. You didn’t really write much about it in your DJ.

And this marks the official close of the NDC 12.

Please report all final dreams as soon as possible so that I can finalize the scores. The winner will be announced in about 24 hours time.

I remember one dream from last night, will write it on LD4all as soon as I can :smile:

Edit: posted

I’m fine with you removing any task points I was claiming. Do what you think is right. :good:

One final ND for last night. The Knife

Congratulations Letaali!

Final Scores

  1. Letaali ----------- 670
  2. Sandra ----------- 570
  3. James_UK2008 - 350
  4. Yev --------------- 318
  5. moogle ----------- 280
  6. Eilatan ----------- 270
  7. Siiw --------------- 205
  8. En’enra ----------- 45
  9. Opolious --------- 35
  10. LucidWilliam ---- 20
  11. Qu ----------------- 0

Thank you everyone who participated, from the numbers you all reported, it seems there were several who saw an improvement in dream recall over the course of this challenge. I hope you all had fun, I and look forward to the next NDC!

:yay: exactly in the middle.

Congrats Letaali :cheer:

Thanks! Was fun! I really focused for the first two weeks. I won’t be hosting the next one, so Sandra, your choice.

Congrats Letaali on winning!
Thanks Ysim for hosting :content:

I didn’t realise I was so much ahead of number 3/4. I’m happy with the results because I managed to have much better dream recall :grin: Especially the last two weeks were good. (Not having to wake up through an alarm clock surely helped, but that alone wouldn’t have been sufficient if I hadn’t put any effort into it.) Now I should keep it up and keep updating my journal :wink:

If I had won I would host the next challenge because I would see it as my duty, but now I’m second and Letaali won’t do it, I don’t feel so much pressure to do it. So I guess james can do it?