Normal Dream Challenge 13 - Winners Announced!

Ok, here we are. Most of this had nothing to do with the tasks, unfortunately. :roll: But I wrote it up in full, since it advances the story cycle.

I’m working on recalling dialogue, while awake, and getting my dreams into some kind of dramatic shape, while asleep. Not easy, on either front - though browsing TV Tropes, I find, sometimes gives my subconscious ideas which make the dream more “storylike”. That’s what I’m always striving for.

All that leads to a lot of typing though :help:

September 18: Fragments only

I hope you continue to write them out, even as they are not relevent to the NDC. I am enjoying them :smile:
I burst out laughing trying to imagine a horse with 16 legs… no wonder you couldn’t figure out which lead you were on :rofl:
And the books to return to the library, omg. :lol: Because returning the knitting book is so important in the midst of this dangerous voyage!! :razz:

Last night I remembered only one little dream… maybe a fragment… I’ll let the judges decide :smile:

No recall for last night.

I have dream art drawn for this week; but haven’t yet got to a computer where I can upload it.

@DeRuyter: I think the lucidity challenge makes my dreams more story-like, because the tasks make a rough story line that I’m making my dreams to follow.

I possibly could make my dreams even more story-like if i concentrated on a particular story rather than the challenge tasks.


Ridin’ the rails
Ridin’ the rails
Wheels of steel again rollin’ through
Pullin’ cars for passengers like you
Everybody all ride the train
Get on board there outboard bound again
(Johnny Cash)

For the third week, the task is to take a train ride. So, you just need to board a train and take a ride. So the third task is train travel. :razz:

Bonus Tasks.

  1. See a train (5 pts)
  2. Travel by steamtrain (10 pts)
  3. Travel by train in the underground (looong tunnel under mountain/hills etc would also count) (10 pts)
  4. Travel through awesome scenery by train. Mountains, lakes, coastal even futuristic where will your dream train take you?(20 pts)

Re. previous uncompleted goals. Full points can still be claimed for old bonus tasks. Old main tasks give 20 points for ND and 10 points for LD.

Scores have been updated. :grin:

Congrats on getting the main task done! :woot: (And sorry, but I don’t think crashing into a barn counts as off the track :tongue: ).

Since you called it as a dream first, I counted it as a dream. Keep in mind we rely on self-judgement for these sorts of things. :content:

Good to hear! Can’t wait to see it! :ok:

one fragment last night about smileys being posted in the forum! :smile: :content: :grin:

Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks…

One rather lengthy dream, and one fragment.

Super excited to go on a train ride tonight! fingers crossed…

September 19: Fragments only

Non-lucid dream about a guy playing with a friendly leopard cub.

Non-lucid dream in which my grandfather takes me to a museum.

Lucid dream in which I see an art nouveau townhouse, and think that I should draw it for the Normal Dream Challenge. (That is, in the dream I was aware that I would be able to get challenge points for doing a drawing when I woke up).

2 dreams here

In one, I drive a car off-road into a sort of park/grassland safari area with a lake. The other one had a kinda spiritual theme thing going… and aliens. A horde of aliens. :eh:

Scores have been updated. :peek:

Congrats on getting the car off-road! :ok: Good thing you weren’t harmed with all that car ramming. :woah:

Just 1 fragment here today. No tasks.

Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks.

September 20: Fragments only

Non-lucid dream in which I buy a plane ticket.

(maybe I’ll need the plane ticket for week 4. :smile: )

:rofl: you never know…

DJ for the past four nights, including one LD!

17-18 Sep and 18-19 Sep are clearly just one ND each, and last night can be summarized as:

  • One LD
  • ‘significant WBTB’ as in awake and getting up
  • One ND
  • Two fragments (to be counted as one)

I saw cars on the street in #4 :wink: no other vehicular tasks unfortunately.