Normal Dream Challenge 13 - Winners Announced!

I hope you’ve named her. :smile: Naming things increases their significance and our emotional attachment to them… like pets. Also, when you become lucid, just call out your bike’s name, and she’ll find you. :cool:

Still on the 9th… catching up slowly… +1 dream here

Also… @EarthlyInspired the bike gear levers basically connect to the derailleur, which is the bit of metal above the chain that directs the chain onto the right sprocket… its probably seized up.

Scores have been updated.

:lol: What a great LD trigger! Congrats on being the first to complete the task in an ND! You’ve been awarded full points for your achievement!

Glad to hear your dream bike is working out! I agree with Obfusc8, a bike like that deserves a name! :wink: And lol! Trying to pay with ice cream! Great missed dream sign. :tongue:

And everyone remember, you can still claim points for doing the task late, and all subtasks are awarded full points no matter when you do them! So keep riding!

me too! :smile:

one lucid fragment for me last night.

Thanks Obfusc8! You are probably right about the derailleur, that felt pretty rusty, and that is what I fiddled around with to make the chain stay on the smaller gear. This weekend I’ll see if I can’t get it working properly.

I like all the suggestions to name her! Originally I was just calling her Incubation Bike, but I think a real name is in order. I put a lot of time into thinking of a witty name, but for some reason Driving Miss Daisy kept popping into my head, so I think that name is calling her.

And anyway, I think a nice elegant name like “Miss Daisy” contrasts quite nicely with her shambles appearance :lol:

And would you believe it, Miss Daisy came to me in my dream last night!! Yayyy!

I will enter my 2NDs and some fragments into my DJ tonight after work. They are from last night (Tuesday night). Are those still considered on time?

Scores have been updated. :content:

:woo: I love the name Miss Daisy! It’s so eloquent and definitely fitting!!

And yep, any dreams that occurred before the posting of the new task are considered Week 1. Remember, only the main task (Ride a bicycle) is hampered by being late. All other tasks receive the same amount of points they would if it were the week they were released. But you still want to try doing all the tasks in the Week they are released, because then you get a nice bonus. :peek:

[center]Week 2: Life is a Highway!

Life’s like a road that you travel on
When there’s one day here and the next day gone
Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind

  • Tom Cochrane


Welcome to the second week of the NDC Folks, where the challenges are hotter than a black leather seat on a hot summer day!

That’s right! This week the challenge is to drive a Car! (50 Points). Whether it be fast, red, clown, talking, or racecar bed, it is welcome here! Just pick your ride and strap yourself in!

Bonus Tasks:

  1. See a car (5 Points)
  2. Ride a horse-drawn carriage (10 Points)
  3. Take a car off the beaten path (10 points)
  4. Take part in a car race! Either officially or by accident. (20 Points) Be it a speedy drag race, your standard track or even an old car rally, doesn’t matter the style or if you win or loose, taking part in a race is what matters here!


Still trying to get to DJ more, but I do have a fragment in which I saw bikes at a train station last night! Do late bonus tasks still count?

This is a fun challenge.

I’ve done some tasks for the first week, just need some time to organize and write it up.

Late bonus tasks do count.

September 12: 1 ND and fragments

One fragment and two NDs for September 12. Rode Miss Daisy in the last one! Whoop! Week 1 Challenge achieved just in time.


Stoked for next week’s challenge! I am really enjoying these NDCs. Really helps keep me on top of my dreaming awareness! :thumbs:

Non-lucid dream about an underground pool.

Another nightmare!

Drove a car last night… very badly due to ineffective dream brakes! 3 dreams and a fragment link

(10th and 11th entries still missing. :whistle:)

Hey DeRuyter, good to see you finally dropping in.

Actually, Moogle and I were discussing this sort of thing the other night. We know there are a few participants who have yet to claim points, but since most participants have been in a NDC OR LC before, we believed they would not attempt point-dumping as it is generally frowned upon. We decided that, following the standards of most all NDC/LCs before, we would NOT be accepting point-dumps unless they were made due to unavoidable circumstances.

We have had participants DJing and keeping in touch despite illnesses, computer troubles, and vacations, so we feel it would be unfair to them to accept someone running in with major point claims at the last minute. To avoid needing to point-dump, we recommend checking in at least twice a week and letting us know that you have achieved a specific task which you will write up at ‘x’ time.

The NDC is supposed to be a fun way for members to practice their recall and incubation skills, and while friendly competition is encouraged, we would be remiss if we ignored the efforts of those who are actively participating. So while we do, of course, encourage you to share your dreams from last week, we will not be able to count them against this challenge at this time.

On that note, please feel free to actively participate in this week’s task, as we are sure you will find it as enjoyable as the last.

Scores have now been updated! :wink:

Congratulations on Miss Daisy being there when you needed her! And congrats on getting the task done. :hurray:

I’m glad to hear you are enjoying this NDC! It is really awesome to read all the dreams everyone is having!

:woah: Sorry to hear that you are having so many nightmares. Perhaps, as my good friend Tggtt claims, they will help you have LDs? In any case, this is for luck, /me gives Susan_Y LD cookie :peek:

Woot! :hurray: How great of you to do the new task on the night of it’s release!

I would congratulate you on being the first to get it done, but I believe Moogle dreamt of driving a couple of nights ago. Okay, maybe it’s cheating because she knew of the new task, but just goes to show how excited she was for it! :happy:

my car dreams are usually either of losing my brakes or of driving up a hill that gets steeper and steeper until i start rolling backwards… maybe ill have a good one for this challenge!

last night: one dream with a short lucid moment.

Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks…

Ah, I’ve never been in either challenge before and I obviously missed this in the rules post :sad: I didn’t know organizing things into one post was considered “dumping” or that it gave you an unfair advantage.

If I’d known I would’ve found time one way or another! Oh, well. Silly me, I should have realized from the way everyone else was posting.

EDIT: I can’t find the details in the rules post. Does this mean I can’t get the 30 points for completing each task on time even though I did the task on Monday? I completed: ride a bike (pennyfarthing), have a race. I’ll try hard to write it up tomorrow.

One ND here for September 13.

Also, does anyone know a good way to upload an image somewhere on the internet in order to put it in a post? I did a quick sketch for one of my dreams, but I don’t know a way to put an image online somewhere where it has its own url…

September 13: Fragments only