Normal Dream Challenge 13 - Winners Announced!

Hope we get to see a photo of the famous bike :grin:

By the way everyone, even though NDC is over, feel free to post late tasks in here for fun. :smile:

Tada!! Here she is :love:

Meet Miss Daisy

And yes, I would love to host then :smile:

As usual, a task showed up in a dream shortly after the challenge had ended: I ride an underground train in this non-lucid dream

For readers who don’t know the UK rail network: given that the building across the street from the underground station looks like St. Pancras, the underground station is presumably King’s Cross, despite the street sign of the entirely fictional Acadia Street in the dream.

And for readers who don’t know the UK rail network but have read the Harry Potter books, this would imply that Kings Cross platform 9 3/4 is just behind me.

So, next dream Hogwarts! :spinning:

Had model ship and car travel last night - hope I go on to get the space dream. :tardis:

this was one of the most exciting parts of the challenge to me! thanks for sharing a picture :content:

wow, a historic NDC! glad to be a part of it.

I will come and pick you up in my :tardis: next time, moogle!

Lancashire, raised Catholic…Preston, maybe? I think it can get there. Remember, lots of planets have a North!

So glad to hear that Obliverum, thank you! I agree, it was a highlight for me too. What are the chances, you know…

Daisy and I still go on regular trips together, and she always gets an RC when we go out haha.

Amazing to hear that this Challenge has broken so many records! Yayyy! :yay:

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to drop back by and say thank you all for the positive responses. It really has been an honour co-hosting this NDC. :content:

I just wanted to highlight Tggtt’s sentiment that this NDC would not have had such great results if not for all of you participants. Over half of our sign-ups actively participated (made more than one post a week), and it was really amazing seeing everyone encouraging each others’ dreams. I hope you all keep up the practice of commenting on each others’ DJs!

I also would like to acknowledge that much of the success of this NDC was thanks to the pre-planning. Due to an absurd miscalculation on my part, it wasn’t until late March that we realised Moogle and I should be running this. :woah: Due to some further calculations of hiccups and events, we decided to spend July planning things.

Planning for us mostly involved throwing around ideas for what tasks we thought would be best. We know the NDC draws a crowd that wants to improve recall and/or incubation, so we decided to stick with a simple theme that would allow participants to concentrate on having fun. We then modelled the scoring around this idea; points for us were only a means by which to further encourage everyone to achieve their goals.

Then, knowing both having set deadlines and easy to follow score-sheets work best for these challenges, we picked a time that worked well for both of us and created the score-sheet by using past Challenge score-sheets as examples. Since this is the NDC and all dreams are usually read to double check for task success, we ended up coming to the conclusion that scoring at least once every 48 hours was best. This also kept with past Challenge results that active Hosts generate active participants. :peek:

In any case, I wanted to be completely transparent on the process behind running one of these challenges. Our planning ensured things ran smoothly, and having a co-host went a long way in making things easier. But all our planning and activity would be nothing if not for all of you.

The Normal Dreaming Challenge is here to serve as a motivator for good dreaming practice, to create an atmosphere of friendly competition and cooperation, to create a challenge for dreamers of all levels and to provide fun to all participants. I am so very glad that everyone was able to experience these things while participating, and hope to see you all again in future challenges.

So again, thank you for making our NDC a success. You’re all amazing! :yay:

thanks for posting about the process behind the challenge! it is interesting to hear the thinking and planning that went on, and i appreciate the effort that went into it. :cheer:

I made a pencil sketch of the dress I wore in a dream in week 4 of the NDC.

(It’s way, way too late for points now of course! But just in case anyone wants to see what that dream looked like).

Eilatan may give you a cookie for it. :cookiemon:

That I can do.

/me gives Susan_Y cookie for her drawing

I’m glad to see you’re still drawing up your dreams. :content: