not sure what im doing... but it's something

Hi all my name is luke.
I have come here with the intention of figuring out what it is exactly that im doing. im not sure about whether in lucid dreaming or achieving some sort of visions through meditation.
Let me explain what im doing and the stages i go through and hopefully you can give aome insight and possibly some tips to take what im doing to the next level…

Ok so i go through stages.

Stage 1:
This consists of me being in bed i get comfortable and close my eyes, i focus on the darkness keeping an active state of mind and try to control my breathing

Stage 2:
The darkness becomes more like static with small dots of colour appearing here and there. My eyes relax behind my eyelids and start pointing down, if my eyes were open i would be looking down my nose. At this stage i try to slow my heart rate even further by taking longer between breaths, the counts i use are - breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds
After a unknown amount of time i progress to stage three.

Stage 3:
Stage 3 consists of a constantly moving ‘blob’ of colour which forms out of the darkness. If you take the darkness as 100% the now appearing blob of colour takes up about 40% of the darkness, i focus on this colour and the way its moving, this to me is what i refer to as the home state. Every now again again the blob makes an abstract shape of a face but im sure this may just be coincidence. Im also not sure if it matters but the blob is blue.
Now im not sure how the transition to stage 4 occurs exactly but after another unknown amount of time i start getting extremely vivid visions. They’re short and random. Last night for example i got to stage three and the transition occured i got a very vivid view of a guy in a classroom turning to me and looking at me very confused. I think it is noteworthy that i have never to my knowledge met the person before. After this i revert back to the ‘home state’ / stage three. This process happens again but with a different person this time. A girl with long blonde hair but no face. It scares me but i remain in focus and i revert back to stage 3. As im fairly familiar with this process i try to influence the visions that are appearing. I start thinking about a friend and i see a vision of me, her and her friend walking up the college steps.
This is prwtty much the extent of what i have experienced although it has happened many times before because i enjoy this process.
I have been doing this on and off for a couple years but now im interested in finding out what is actually happening here… am i lucid dreaming? Am i just meditating? Am i projecting myself somewhere? I really have no clue what im doing but i hope someone here can shed some insight on the matter and possibly give me some tips for taking it to new levels.

Hope-less Xx

My guess would be that it is the beginning of a dream using WILD but you aren’t quite entering the dreams.

Have a look at WILD - An user friendly tutorial

That sounds like it is just “normal” hypnagogia… that can be the beginning of WILD, just like moogle said, of course.

I’m going to say “probably” a start of a WILD but I are not fully sure due to a couple of things you said.

I’m a yogi who has had some advanced training with some things and on reading your post before I got to the colour… I was going to ask “is the blob of colour blue?” and then I saw you say it is. This could be quite relevant.

You are also mixing parts of various yogi techniques together so who knows what that could trigger. Take care

In one of my advanced yogi meditations, we aim to meditate on what is called the “blue pearl” in the hopes of merging with it, it can set off other experiences. It’s not exactly where you are experiencing it but from another thing you are doing you could be linking into it.

I’m under oaths not to share what I know about this so the best I can do is give you this link but it’s not fully correct. You may want to consider if through your meditation if you are linking into your higher source and triggering off some kind of other experiences… remote viewing future?? (other then a LD one)

Take care as IF you are linking to this… at the yogi level I’m at we are told only to meditate on this once a week (cause it can be dangerous).

Sometimes when a person sees someone clairvoyantly who they’ve never met yet …(for example the one a person will be with in the future), the face of the other may be blocked out or hidden from view if one isn’t supposed to see person fully in way the future could be altered by instant recognition.

Anyway… probably just the start of a LD but you do have me wondering from things you said.