OH the frustration!

I have been trying to LD for over a week now after having my first one last week. For the last few days in a row i wake up remembering nothing about my dreams. But later on in the day i have been remembering bits and pieces, often of me actually being in control of my dreams! Whether its imagined or real i really need to get some dream recall!

Someone helped me out with showing me this guide: Guide on vividness. Should help.

I could add some little advice to it, try a mantra before bed, “I will remember my dreams when I wake up”, or similar ones. It also helps to clear the mind when approaching slumber, so you’d want to take 5 minutes before bedtime for yourself to spend in silence and relaxation. :content:
I bet you’ll have more LD’s very soon! Good luck with your recall :smile:

Don’t be so harsh on yourself, pellandd! Bear in mind that your mind is re-programming itself to do a task that goes against its default configuration, i.e. recalling dreams. Besides, if you say that you remember dream fragments during the day, it means you are on the right track!

It has only been one week! Just come up with a good mantra as tosxyChor suggested and follow the exercises for dream recalling (staying in the same position, not forcing it, etc).

And keep up working! At first, whenever I woke up “in blank” i would get really down. Then I got over it and my recall improved a lot. Just be patient :wink:

Clearing the mind is a huge help as I have experienced. Every time I write in my daily journal about the day’s events and my feelings and concerns, I find my dreams very vivid and memorable.

Like your mind is a bulletin board.
After the day it is messy with many adds and announcements.
Clear them away, so that the dreams to come will stand out when you look at it next. Otherwise they are lost and covered by the other mind stuff of the day.

Keep a journal or two. One for daily activities and occurrences, and a dream journal. I’m keeping one currently, and already it’s helped a bit.

Recording daily activities in a journal has helped my dream recall as well. I’ll add my support to what others have said here.

That being said, dream recall does take some time to develop if you didn’t have good recall to begin with, so try to be patient! The fact that you remember bits and pieces throughout the day is a good sign. :smile:

In terms of improving recall when waking up, try to move as little as possible right after you wake up. That may help you remember more details.