ive taken one right before bed for the past 2 days and had many VERY vivid long dreams both nights

Had two long dreams last night… still not sure. Will continue with the experiment.

I hate fish, but I want to try this so bad…

/me hates the IRONY! Gah!

Since about 2 weeks ago, I’ve been taking omega-3 pills every night before bed. Since then, I’ve usually recalled a dream per night, and I’ve had a couple of lucid dreams as well. I think they help out quite a bit.

I’ve been taking about 3000mg of Omega-3 daily for about 6 months for reasons not related to lucid dreaming (I’m a bodybuilder so I take it for well being) and to be honest I never noticed any increased dream recall. Although that might just be me, if others are having success with it it must work I guess.

Regardless, everyone should implement Omega-3 into their diet as it does wonders for your body. I wouldn’t recommend getting cheap Omega-3 caps from some stores as they usually don’t contain large enough amounts of Omega-3 to have any noticeable effect.

I bought a years supply (365 capsules) of 1000mg Omega-3 capsules from eBay for £7 which is quite the bargain. Type “Omega 3 1000mg” into Google and you should find online shops that are selling the same thing. Actually some stores do sell high mg Omega-3, you just have to look at the packaging to see how much each cap gives you but its generally cheaper online.

I can’t find them… :sad:
I’ll go buy some sometime…

I have been taking those fish oil pills for a while. Doesn’t seem to help. I’ll try taking some before bed, maybe it’ll work that way.

well i had these and also 5htp and first day i had a ld
read my DJ if you wanna find out more

I convinced my mom to get some :happy:
I just have to take one,i hope it helps.

And uhh…pizza…NO I am NOT getting chubby!
/me is just doing research,that’s all >.>

WHOA!I just found out we have Omega-3 :happy:
Gonna take one of those instead!

Had an LD last night. Not sure I’d attribute it to the Omega 3 though…

If you see these in the form of Gummy Bears for Children with a Chef’s Best Taste Award, DO NOT BUY THEM!!. Unless you enjoy tasting the most foul thing on this planet as we know it. :wink: I go with the straight up pills.

I took Omega-3 yesterday evening.
I had a short LD.Made things appear :happy:
Gonna try this tonight aswell.

finally found them. I’m going to try tonight, and tomorrow i’ll post the results

Had some fish last night, it was good, yum No LD, though.

Uhh…Ima going to bed now…ima taek one and post the results :happy:

I just took 4000mg of Omega-3 and im about to go bed, i’ll report on the results I get.

its about my 4th day taking 1000 milligrams fish oil every night and had a lucid dream. lasted about 12 seconds haha

Umm… it’s in “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”
I haven’t had LD’s yet, and I eat 3 sandwhiches with that stuff on it every day for dinner. (Yes… I know healthy… :tongue: )

Little to no dream recall last night. I think this is probably because I’ve been sick and tired lately than due to Omega-3. I might stop and wait till I’m feeling a bit better before I resume.

The only effect Omega-3 had on me today is that was able to think more clearley :tongue: