One Word...Banana

Same here. I am now on a banana b6 quest!

I’m thinking this banana thread is making bananas the fastest selling Placebo’s on the market…Somethings help me, some don’t, but if I believe they’ll help me, they probably will :happy:

May be placebo. I´m trying it anyway. :happy:

try a mage quest in a LD

(This is a topic about bananas)

I have noticed a great amount of improved vividity after eating bananas before going to bed. Too bad I have none right now, I’m getting closer and closer to a real lucid dream.

Try this topic. :smile:

I ate a banana and drank a bunch of fruit juices last night. Didn’t get lucid but had a bizzar dream. Its in my DJ

Ive had pretty bad dream recall in the last few weeks. It seems to have helped.

MovieMe is going straight to Peachey’s DJ

Just had a Bananna, Going to sleep in around 10 minuites, Hoping for some results in dream recall.

I’d have another one just to be on the safe side :happy:

so i just looked it up and a banana has .3 mg.
I really doubt thats enough to have an effect. The reported cases are from people who have taken at least 300mg. … in_B6.html

Taking more than 50mg may result in nerv damage. 100 and 200 is still OK, but more is just stupid.

And the .3 is enough if you take it right before going to bed.

Remembred one dream in the morning, Extremly vivid. But I fell asleep before writing it down, so I can’t remmeber, but I remember some parts where I actually Remember doing the actions, and thinking on it.

Do my eyes desceive me? This thread that I started over a year ago is still alive? Indeed… :eek:

Well I suppose I’ll post something about bananas (thank you Gwen).

I still eat them every night, and I ALWAYS have vivid dreams…

that is all

I must try that! shoves in a banana

I always eat at least two bananas a day. I’ve done that as long as I can think, since I was little, long before I heard about lucid dreaming, but I still only had one lucid dream in my life.

My mom won’t allow me to eat more than two bananas a day. She says it’s too expensive.

Do you eat any before sleep?

I think I almost always eat one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Do you think the effect wears off quickly?

i’ve been eating, like, 5 or 6 bananas a day, but the only thing it did was help my DR, so i stopped trying. i think i’d rather take a more direct approach and just get B6 pills.

I ate two bannas lastnight with two VB6s, I couldnt sleep allnight until about 4:30 in the morning. I had a LD. After that I became lucid about three more time. My normal dreams were very vivid, and intence. There may allready be a banana topic, but Im telling two bananas worked wonders for me.