Pain in Lds

I’ve heard that you can feel pain in LD 's!
is this true? if so then will you feel it when you wake?

I am not sure, I think it all depends. One time I did a RC by walking up to a wall and slamming my head into it as hard as I could and I felt nothing and became lucid. But it some of my regular dreams I have actually hurt myself in real life, but never in a lucid dream. In one regular dream I was getting sucked head first into a whirlpool and there was a long wooden post in the center that I slammed my head on. After I woke up my head was bleeding and I had slammed it in my sleep very hard against the corner of a window sill.

Ouch, Monk! One time in an ND, a girl kicked me in the (hmmm, what term should I use here…?), and it actually hurt.

a longer discussion about pain in dreams can be found here [url]Pain in dreams?]

anyway, i personally have felt pain while in an LD, it was a diminished pain as in it didn’t hurt even half as much as it would in real life but it still hurt

two occassions i remember were the first time i successfully stuck my finger through my hand (doing that doesn’t hurt anymore but it did the first time). it was a dull and constant pain. and there were also a couple occassions in an LD where i was trying to walk through (actually it was more like flying at full speed through) a wall… well… it didn’t work and a rammed head first into the wall, thought to myself “ow that hurt… but not as bad as it would in WL” in WL i think that impact woulda killed or hospitalized me, but i shook it off and did it 2 or 3 more times unitl i realized this wall wasn’t gonna let me through :yinyang:

lol, I can just imagine someone flying into a wall… ‘Weeeee! Ouch! that hurt’ And gets back up.
‘Weeeeeee! Ouch…’

Anyways, in my first LD (years ago, before I knew about LD ing), I thought that pinching myself would tell me (that’s what everyone always said).
It still hurt, but the pain was kindda deifferent to a WL pinch.

i’m hard-headed :smile: