painful experience when drifting asleep

I had the most painful experience of my life last night.

I was in bed, a few hours after setting up a Mild, I realized that I was on the verge of being asleep. I gently started a VILD technique, but I couldnt fall asleep. I was there for hours :sad: . (i’m not one to stop easily :razz:) suddenly, suddenly I got REALLY hot, as in I felt like I was on fire :scream: , then all my muscles tensed, and squeezed really hard. I couldn’t move or scream, but i was definately awake, and it hurt like hell! :devil:

i finally managed to roll over, and the pain stopped, but i was numb all over. After that, i didnt sleep at all…

that sounds horrible, you should get a tetnis shot. Tetnis causes all of muscles to cramp. That was really mild compared to the agonizing death that could occur. I really think you should get checked out.

I think that you aderadly was in SP, but you couldnt fall asleep, because of … hm, i am sure that it was some kind of error in brain, or opposite signals, because i dont see any logical reason, to what it would be useful to.

What more to say ? you was close to LD, but propably after few minutes you wasnt thinking about that. Few hours of living hell is enough to scare off.
I dont think that it would cause death. It was painful, but it wont kill.

If i were you, i’d take some time of break. I’d be really scared of it. Things like that dont happens too often. But LDing is not a well examined thing, strange situations like that happens.

sympathies… in sleep paralysis the chakras can activate…

one night i induced luciditys by breathing into the solar plexus and upon having a disturbing dream i found myself in sleep paralysis where the solar plexus was extremely active and the heat was very very real and intense, so real that i worried it could harm me.

but in actuality there is really no way that is possible. trust your instincts though… which doesn’t mean to cave into fear, it might be a wonderful experience to surrender if it happens again, and that is likely the case! but if you think maybe you are better off doing something else that’s okay. sleep paralysis really shouldn’t be like that in particular.


I didn’t think it would that serious! I’ve had a tetnis jab already, so i geuss it was just SP… still, i can help thinking about it.

If it was only for a short time (like 5-10 seconds) I don’t think it was very serious. I’m not a doctor though, and if you think it might be a problem you should go see one. AFAIK small jerks/cramps are not uncommon when the body is on the edge between asleep and awake. I’ve been grinding my teeth once or twice while I was waking up (very unpleasant), and couldn’t stop it for a few seconds until I was awake enough.

It was for about 3 hours…O.o

jeez, that sounds really horrible now when i remember it :sad:

If it was for that long, I really recommend you see a doctor about it.

Agreed, it could have been a bit of sleep paralysis, but I’ve never heard of sleep paralysis being that intense. I’d go see a doctor about it :yes:

The intense nerve stimulation—read: hallucination—and the inability to move make me think you were already in SP+HH when you started feeling unsure and anxious—and it led to a “bad trip”–ish situation, a kind of a mild panic attack, or a very intense HH influenced by your nervousness. Does that make sense?

That sounds like either Tetnis or Tetanus to me. You really need to seek a doctor’s attention on this.

Sounds like creepy to me… :bored: