Painfully long.


I have a 2 questions to ask you guys. :happy:
It normally takes me around 1 hour!! to fall sleep, sometimes even more!! The questions are:
Could this help me in anyway unknown to me to have lucid dreams?
if not,
how can i change this?

Thanks alot for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for any reply i get. Much love!


I had difficulties to fall asleep before, now i’m making up a story and I usually fall asleep.
It’s like doing VILD ( ) .
You should give it a try.

Its important to balance staying up late until you are tried with going to sleep at a reasonable bed time based on when you need to get up.
What works really well which I will post as a technique is to take inhalations through the left nostril before sleeping. Between 5 and 40. This activates the half of our brain associated with sleep and resting. It’s done by gently shutting the right nostril by pressing it with a finger. I told even someone who never tried it before about it and she said it worked great. Its not imagination.

Being able to quickly fall asleep makes WBTB easier, so trying to shorten this long time to fall asleep would be beneficial.

Here’s a guide on this subject that might do the trick for you: (it’s pretty informational if you skip the advertising :wink: )

Thanks alot for your reply! i will read the guide asap! This problem always ruins my sleep time. Hopefully this helps me get a better night sleep.

Much love