Pepsi or Coke?

Coke and Pepsi are bad for you…

lol! I think we’ve all figured that one out :wink:

Yeah there should be a second option: “I don’t drink it so I don’t care” :smile:

Yeah but Diet coke/pepsi is worse for ya

as far as i’m concerned. In a world where french fries cause cancer. i’ll take my chances with pepsi. anyway breathing is now bad for you thanks to our wonderfull industrial engineers so why live so causiously as to avoid something that is not that bad for you. I’t bad for your teeth and the caffeen isn’t wonderfull but aside from that… thats nothing.

I actually heard you can use Pepsi or coke to remove the stains off your driveway :eek: . Like the grease stains, im not 100% about that. Is it just an Urban Legend?

I don’t care how many people don’t drink either, that’s not what the poll is about. If it doesn’t apply to you, don’t vote. :smile:

Yes indeed - and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Indeed it is… The artificial sweetnes like nutrasweet, does much more damage than sugar itself.

This is true, coke can be used to remove the oil stains in your garage or driveway, just coke though, don’t know why. There must be something in it.

If you look on Google you can find many things that Coke can do that you didn’t want to know, but really, why ruin your fun! Just drink the coke :smile: Ignorence is bliss.

I love It! :happy:

ya know, many psychiatrist say that lucid dreams can be harmful :gni: Heck, some people even say Jesus is bad for you! :lol: . . . and toothpaste is a poison!! :cool_laugh: the radiation from your monitor is probably irritating the damage in your brain caused by your cell phone too! . . . :neutral: ok, I’ll stop.

I love to drink water but a soft drink is nice at times. The most liquid I drink during the day is water, but I have to be careful. Water has been known to drown and kill people! :wink:


gotta whatch out for that dreamaddict.

what the diff. between the 2?

Pepsi is a little sweeter then coke, and many people find it too sugary.

I totally like Coke better, but when it comes to the Diets, Pepsi wins. Its alot less sugary, almost like water, but it has that cola flavor. Its very light and refreshing :cool:

In that case ill go w/ the less sugary one although i dont really drink it often because i get migraines from it :confused:

this is interesting, Coke must really be A LOT better, cause more people like it, yet pepsi always has better commercials and more of them. I think I’m going to have to sell some of my stock shares and buy into something different now, if you know what I mean… :music:

Gonna put your money in the smiley industry, eh? Smart move.
I find it hilarious that the brands match each other, exactly.
Pepsi- Coke
7up- Sprite
Dr. Pepper- Mr. Pib
Aquafina- Dannon
I think theres a few more too…

I prefer da coke cause pepsi has an awful taste :no:YUCK and anyway my uncle works at the coke place. :grin: Free cokes mmmm… :cool: :tongue: :content:
I got to taste sprite remix before it was out.