Perceptions of images and chakras

Imagine in the future we have a tool like a tv, but there are different ways to browse channels

all the ch annels are infinite, containing all varieties of possible experience + all variations, constantly creating infinite paralell realities to enter

and our preferences (our personality) are stored over time in this matrix so that when we channel surf we see w hat is generally agreeable to step into, based upon our case history

now imagine that the default mode is scanning, and only when something catches our eye and we want to step in, does it become still, and 3 dimensional, causing us to dislocate from the body into this world to play out the roles in the reality that we have pre-scripted or have been pre-scripted for us

now imagine that we have these same sense faculties but its not a tool, nor a sophisticated tv/holodeck

I have noted that dreams operate this way, and it seems to have something to do with chakras.

It seems that 3 dimensional lucidity, walking and exploring and doing, is far inferior to “image streaming” which, I do not often experience.

I theorize that this has something a lot to do with c hakras, that going into the heart center VOIDS the dream scene and shows us our karma

and that going into the brow or throat center, gives us clearer command and perception of the lucidity itself.

and i wonder if lucidity itself is contained within a specific chakra, such as the crown, or rather to say, all dream experiences.

This is very important to understand
the science OF dreaming, has been written, by these men… masters of consciousness!

yesterday my yoga teacher said that I would be interested in reading more about the philosophy of yoga as well, and I became curious, and here you are, next day, linking me to this information. Thank you :content: I’ll be reading around there more :smile:

The idea of focusing on the throat chackra in a LD is something I want to try. Maybe try and focus on all chackra’s and see what it does. mentally adds to “to-do-list”

actually in dream yoga there are WILD like exercises focusing on certain chakra’s (they call it “tinglé”) in the body, and depending on the experience you want you focus on another one, and I believe the throat is one you start, visualising the tibetan letter A in your throat while falling asleep.


The throat chakra is supposed to be connected to dreaming, and focusing on it is supposed to give you more vivid dreams. The brow chakra is supposed to be connected to awareness, and the heart chakra to deep sleep. So Tibetan dream yoga practises focus on all three to combine, sleep, dreams and awareness. This I have learned from Laberge and Lama Surya Das.
Lucidity in dreams is awareness, so the brow chakra is probably the most useful.

ooh, Surya Dass, the sun-gazer, or another one ?

Pasquale, namaste!

I did a ton of work last night, throat definitely connects us to sleeping, and brow helps us stay awake and in a trance when we hit HH.

I’m about to post a method but it’s storming lol.

I’m not sure if he’s a sun-gazer because I’m not sure what a sun-gazer is. He teaches Dzogchen, and tells us to gaze at the sky. That’s pretty close so I guess it’s the same.

no no sky-gazing and sun-gazing are worlds apart, they are different elemental energies!

there is a man who teaches Surya [Sun] Yoga, but I am not sure if his name is Surya Dass, maybe not.

You know what heals the chakras and gives people consistent, incredibly vivid dreams?

[Orgone-the life energy)

Take my word for it! My dreams have been lasting for what seems like weeks ever since I’ve been around the stuff.

i’ve noticed that the hypnagogic images are in the throat chakra, especially where the bottom of the head meets the neck, the base of the skull

this is where i get moderate psychic information, such as seeing a brief image of my cellphone and getting up to check it, seeing that, yes, i did get calls, though many hours ago.

Base of the skull isn’t your throat chackra :wink: It’s another energy point. Throat chackra is more in the direction of the neck. Just FYI.