Physical Healing

I was trying to find out if it’s possible to physically heal yourself in a dream. I know its possible to heal emotional damages, etc… All I found was this…


For instance, my doctor once told me if i concentrate on a wart or something, and how much I don’t like it, it will go away faster. And the last couple warts I’ve had on me fingers didn’t need to be frozen off.

But I know that your muscles and whatever else heals best in your sleep. I was just thinking if you could focus that healing energy to one place, to heal a scab or something.

Many cultures belive that illnesses are caused by like a blocked chi (life force), or unbalanced chi. Like ancient native american, chinese, egyptian medicine. Acupunctures is based on this idea I think.

The purpose of this is that I have this thing called vitiligo, which is when your skin just loses pigment at random. Doctors pretty much don’t know exactly why it happens, but there are weird herbal medicines to aparently get rid of it. Its not on my face or anything so its not a big deal to me, but I’ve been concentrating on getting rid of it in my lucid dreams with no luck…

Does anybody have any techniques that I should use in my LDs? Has anybody successfully channeled energy to heal in dreams?


you can channel energy like chi easier in your dreams, thats true.
so to some extent you could use it to aid the natural healing process.

But also there will be borders, you wont be able to heal genetically decease for example. I uses that example to make u c easy where reality starts but also where it ends. always look at two sides of a coin.
In this case realize, yes there are possibilities for possitive influence but also borders where you wont be able to go around.

says who? what is there to stop it? its really just pigment cells, the best guess for that disease is that the immune system just attacks the pigment cells for some reason… if my body can damage itself, why can’t it heal?

no, i was not talking about your case, could be you can influence maybe to some degree your immune system. I sure would try if i was you.
I ment in general, its for sure you cant heal or change dna code of the the body or no one ever would die again. also all deceases you could heal then, u could even turn dna back to become a 3 year old etc.
that i ment with borders. There are limmits to what you can do with suggestions and lucid dreaming, it wont beat hypnosis with that. hypnosis is very close related to dreaming and if i say to an african under hypnosis " when you wake up have changed your dna and you then will be a western guy" , well that wont be possible. And the same is for healing from out a lucid dream that also has limmits. witch is quite logic and normal.
Else a guy that wants to be a woman says in his dream mm i use a tech and i change my dna and wake up as a woman. Still that doesnt mean u cant have some possitive feedback from it for any decease. but that will be more linked to energy channeling then to dna changing.

Makes sense. I was mostly wondering if anybody has really had good success with healing in dreams… and also, I don’t really know how I should be trying to heal myself in my LD. Right now I kinda just concentrate on it and try to feel energy going through it. Its hard to just do that and stay lucid for a really long time though. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I first heard of “vitiligo” because that is what Michael Jackson claims he has.

I don’t think there are any limits to the potential of our healing power. I would keep hope up and keep up your efforts.
I had an annoying bump on my back, and then a 2nd one appeared! They were larger than a pimple, but normal flesh colored and not red.
Well, they stayed on my back for over a year, but this year they are vanishing. :smile:
I had went to sleep, and meditated on sending healing energy that direction. It’s hard to learn of the cause and effects of this “condition” … but it was after my “intentions” that the bumps started to disappear. :smile:

I have read that meditation in dreams is more … hmm, I guess the word is “powerful” … or maybe “efficient.” I have tried meditation in LD s, but I do not know a particular method so I basically just rested and tried to clear my mind. It worked! and then I woke up. :meh:

In potential, there should be no limit on the healing capacities of energy, even on a DNA scale. But what Jeff probably also means is that, what WE can do with energy has it’s limits. First of all it depends on your talent with gathering/manipulating energy. Second of all there is an upper limit to what humans can do with energy.
That said I also do have positive effects with healing myself, it doesnt even need to be in a dream but it sure can be. Healing in dreams probably goes easier for most people because there you have easier acces to your inner energy (chi). The way i do it is, i focus on the spot that needs healing, i then direct the available energy (either chi or outside energy) to that spot with a specific goal: to heal it. I had some positive effects on healing sore muscles, headaches etc, but nothing ‘big’ yet (since i dont realy have major ilnesses as far as i know).

Yup Xetrov that is what i ment :wink:

Any good SUCCESS stories besides DreamAddict? This seems related to pain in dreams as well… Maybe healing in dreams could be as simple as concentrating on it and bandaging it up, or whatever you may think is healing it. Does anybody have a broken arm? :smile:

Does anybody plan on getting a broken arm from snowboarding this winter?
(i guess that doesn’t apply to you on the southern hemisphere)

mutters damn lucid dreamers being healthy and uninjured…