Planning dreams/LDs?

Hey :happy: I usually have ideas of stuff to do in a dream. In fact, I’ve created an entire dream place in my mind. It follows certain rules, has specific rooms and everything’s set up pretty well. In fact, considering I’m the creator of the place I’d be sort of it’s Owner, Master.

So I was wondering: Is it easy to use an idea like that in a dream/LD? Is there much that’s needed to do it?

It really all depends on how much control you have in your LD’s, because to me it sounds like you need to have a lot of control to get everything to work according to your will. Also depends on how “weird” your world is… it’ll probably be easier to create a “normal” world than one where everything is completely different from reality.
Of course it also depends on if your level of lucidity is high or low in the LD.

You could always try, if it doesn’t succeed, try it again in the next LD. What do you have to lose?

Perhaps you should check out the ‘VILD’-methods, with a few adaptions it could perfeclty suit your needs.

[url]The BIG VILD Topic - Part I]

It depends on your experience with lucid dreaming. If you have not had one yet, then do not expect that much control in your first lucid dream. However, with practice you can.

I have created a lake that I visit often when lucid. Labarge talks about having underwater sea pirate adventures that go from one night to the next.

So yes, it is possible.