PLEAS help!!!!Loosing it often

OK! Hi Everyone :content: first sorry for my bad english:(

Ok here is the thing, i am pacticng LG for over the years, not very hard.
And very often when LD starts its always ends right befor it started.
Example:I am opening my eyes, i am in my bed. but somthing not right, i stare at my hand, and its sparkles warey strange. Ok i am dreaming, :woo: i go to my window(i live in 4th floor) agen quick look on my hand to be shore that i am dreaming. Yes i am dreaming. aley op!!!:slight_smile: i jump thro my window. I land wharey safty and softly to the ground. I thing whell the adventurs can start, and when i start walking i start to loosing it (that bit…) and 10, 15 sec. i am agen in my bed thinking - damm i woke up…but no - quick look on my hand, san of a bitc… i am stil dreaming, quick aley op!!! thro out the window and agen same thing…3,4 times like this…

and this is only one example, i have hundrets of them:(
what seems a problem there?

Another example: (yesterday i drempt)
I am in my old school, and its night. Its cool party. i am with the girl, the minit i touched she’s hand, i notic that same thing - she’s hand feels so good just holding it (like litle orgasm)…ok that can be true i must be dreaming. ----Yes i am dreaming :woo: i start to kiss that girl, and i can explain the jo i felt :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: and agen, everthing starts to fade in black NOTHING.

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Anchor yourself in the dream before you do anything. Rub your hands, feel the wall or do some exercise. You need to activate your senses so your mind doesn’t begin to focus on your real body. Constantly remind yourself that you are dreaming, and do active RC’s, like plugging your nose and trying to breathe as much as possible. If you do begin to lose the dream, start spinning around or fall backwards.

Also, you should check out this article: Prolonging Lucid Dreams by Sandra. She gives some really good advice! Best of luck to you :content:

Edit: oh, and welcome to LD4all :welcome:

Thx very much, :woo:
but the problem is this that i do that - i rub my hand, or try to focus, but it still maneg to loose, and its helps only for a 2 minits.
at first i loose my sight (every thing turns tu black, like some one with force put a black screen over my eyes) and the the feelings disapeer(feeling of groun, air, worm .etc…

Make sure you stay busy, if you don’t, you will surely loose it :smile:

I agree with madison981, make sure before you go to bed, to set a goal you’d like to accomplish in your lucid dream. So you would be focused on your goal in your LD, and there would be less a chance of loosing the dream. Remember to RC every once an a while. What helps me keep a dream that is fading is to yell, “STOP!”, remember that you’re the boss, so things should go the way you want it to be. :content:

Thx, I will try that out…
Thanx very much for help!

Nevar traied that last one!