PLease help?

i’m having trouble with making my dreams clear, when i lucid dream i can WILD so easily, but when i’m in the dream i can’t see any people. i act like they are still there however, which is confusing and irratating when i can’t see them but i know they are there! i have tried shouting out make more lucid which owrks amazingly for abbout 3 seconds then it goes back to blur and niothing it there, any suggestions?

Before you fall asleep, try autosuggestion. “My dreams WILL be clear,” etc. Repeat it until you feel it sink in to your SC. Maybe this will help :smile:

A few methods:

  1. Imagine that your vision is being blurry because you’re looking trough a curtain. Strech your arm and tear that curtain down.
  2. Shout: “Increase vividness x1000”
  3. If you wear glasses IRL, try to clear your glasses in your dream.
  4. Get a pill from your pocket, which enhances your vision in dreams. Eat it & it should work.
  5. etc.

Remember, if you’re doing these techniques, you must really expect your dream to become more clear. The actions in dreams happen based on our expectations, so if you expect these techniques to work & believe in yourself, it will work.

Try to Spin while you are in your Lucid Dreaming!
Scream that you WANT your dream become more Lucid!

I actually have quite the same problem, except not the people not there part. What this may be caused by i sas son as you wake up you say… “why cannot i remember this dream clearly” and when you take note of your dreme it comes out as “The dream was unclear” when the reality is that you DR is not clear.

It looks like you don’t have problem inducing LD but what you need is to learn how to act in LD, so here’s Dream Control Training.