Precognition and Precognitive Dreams.

If you ever experienced precognition and precognitive dreams, do you think there is a difference between these two ?

Well, i think these 2 are completely different, but both of them are connected to Lucid Dreaming. I think it is very rare for non-lucid dreamers to experience precognitive dreams.

Never had Precognitive Dreams or Precognition situation before i started Lucid Dreaming.

Precognitive Dreams:
Usually they are not accurate, in best case you will see something similar to what you saw in your dream/lucid dream.
Happens to me, but not often, i would say once in a month or two. Nothing major, some small details or people whom i never met before, or things that i could not comprehend.
The reason is that we dream in a different reality, most of the time we dream in a reality which is very different from ours and that is the reason why most of our future dreams are not precognitive, or we cannot comprehend them.

In my case it is very accurate, i would say 100% accurate. However it is very different from Precognitive Dreams.
They way it happens to me: Usually happens when i waiting for something, starts with a false dreaming feeling. Like a ding in a head and then suddenly i start doing RC’s because i question if i am dreaming or awake, in fact even after RC’s it is hard to say if i am dreaming or not, requires more RC’s. When i am finally sure that i am awake i have this feeling like time is going slower and i feel some kind of dizziness, at this time i know what will happen next, there so much information coming to my head so fast that it is hard to understand everything at once, but i know for sure what will happen next. Usually duration is about 2 to 10 minutes. During this time i know what will happen in next 10 minutes.
There is a very big BUT here, i did not dream of this situation, however i feel like it comes from dreams. You might say “you simply did not recall this dream”, i am having Lucid Dreams almost every night and i usually recall them pretty well, so i do not think that i had this dream and i did not recall it.
One more thing to note, when this ends i have a feeling like i just started a new day, i have a feeling like i lived the whole day during this situation and now it is a new day.

I am not sure exactly how this process works, but my ideas are the following:
1- in case i did not recall my dream and i actually dreamed of this situation, i was dreaming in the same reality or dimension, or call it as you like. Which i think is a very very rare happening, we almost never dream in our home reality(reality where we live now). The reason why it happened exactly the same way i dreamed of it(which i did not recall) is because i was dreaming in our home reality, and for the same reason i could completely comprehend all information.
2- in case i did not have this dream. This is where i need your input and help, because i am not sure how did it exactly happen in scenario where i did not have this dream.
I think that i was awake but at the same time i was having a precognitive dream in my mind, i might not see it but i received all information from it. So i think it was an awake + precognitive dream in one, maybe in this case there are more chances to dream in our home reality.
Maybe later i will come up with another idea, but for now this is the best i could get. I think 2nd case is more correct because i felt so.

One of my precognition situations.
Was on my way back to home from my university, was sitting in the bus at the back seats. Suddenly had that situation where i seriously questioned my self if i am dreaming, i did all kind of reality checks, for a minute or two i could not understand whether it was dream or not, i knew i was awake but at the same time i kept questioning my self because somewhere inside in my mind i was sure that it is a dream. When it stopped and i realized that i am awake i had this precognition situation. I was sitting at the back seats with a feeling like i am watching at everything in a 3rd person view, however it was only a feeling, i saw everything as usual. I knew that i knew what will happen right next to me, what people will say, what they will do, who will leave the bus on next bus stop, who will enter the bus, where they will sit. I knew every single detail in advance. Like a very long deja vu situation.
It was very interesting, i knew that it is really happening and the same time i was very surprised and was thinking how exactly is this happening. I can say that the amount of information coming to my mind was extremely large, feeling like i was solving a very complicated mathematical equation, but more powerful. Every person i looked at i knew what he will do, so i just sat there and enjoyed this movie-like situation. I had this feeling like i just started a whole new day right after it ended.

Let me know what you guys think of this and write your precognition dream and precognition situation stories here.

Hi flowofmysoul, please find the BIG Precog dreams topic here.

I think what you are calling Precognition is Deja vu (with the possibility of the Deja vu originating in a forgotten dream).