Problems with LD and controlling dream

I tried to find help searching this forum and reading the Dream Control Training Course but I couldn’t.

My problem is that I might see a dream that is really vivid and I realize that this is a dream and do a RC but I cant really control anything in the dream even if I try to.

Example: I did the pushing thumb through my palm RC and wasn’t really convinced so I looked at my fingers and realized it was a dream. After that I tried to teleport but I just couldn’t I was stuck and this has happened me many times now. :cry:

In some dreams I even do stuff that I haven’t practiced (this is why I think I’m at least a little bit aware) if I cant control the dream I might try to rub my hands or just try to see everything and feel everything.

I do practice meditation but maybe I’m not aware enough? Can you please help me. Tips or identification of the problem will help me greatly towards lucid dreaming, I hope. :help:

It’s pretty common for new lucid dreamers. For example I have problems flying. If you doubt yourself even a little bit, you will fail. Controlling the dream requires a clear intention and belief that you are able to do anything in the dream. Try to just calmly increase your lucidity next time and just know you can teleport.

Rauhallista joulun jatkoa :smile:

Here’s the Dream Control Training Course.

When one becomes lucid it’s usually very overwhelming. One’s trying to do something, anything, very fast because you one’s scared that will lose lucidity and won’t be able to do anything. At that point it’s important to calm down.

You practice meditation, you should know something about that :content: and when you menage to calm down start with easy things. Something that is not cool, something ordinary, boring, earthly - so to say. When you menage to do that and maintain lucidity at the same time then you’ll get the boost of confidence and then you can become more brave, try harder things and so on.

What helps me is reminding myself constantly that I’m in a dream where I’m the one that makes things happen. Builds confidence and also it keeps me in the moment which is important.

Like Letaali said, doubt is your enemy. The moment you start to doubt yourself it won’t work, there will be some invisible force preventing you from doing things you wanna do. But that’s you and nobody else.

Be one and become one with the dream… Good luck! :content: