Problems with WILD [First Post]

Hello everyone I’m new here, I have never Lucid Dreamed.

I followed the WILD technique in the guide, just being relaxed and counting convincing myself I’m dreaming while staying DEAD still, I get to a point after the original uncomfortable-ness where my body feels like it is moving, like, I’m floating, my mind pictures that my head is floating away from my body as if I’m becoming detached, and my body feels like it is rapidly vibrating, at this point I get immensely excited, and try and convince myself I’m dreaming and stick there for a few minutes, but I don’t go anywhere from there, I just try to lie there, feeling this same way, but I just get uncomfortably warm (it was a hot night) and I NEED to move, I can’t ‘zoom’ into the dream. I just wonder if maybe I’m already dreaming and I should try and get up and do a reality check to make sure, but it takes tremendous effort to get to that stage. I feel like I’m on the brink of becoming lucid, but I cannot get that one step further, I tried this 3 times last night but eventually I just got bored and went to sleep normally.

Wow, this is actually a really great start for a first-timer. WILD must be natural for you.

The important thing to remember here is not to get discouraged. You are indeed very close to WILD’ing, you just need a way to enter the dream now. If you’re having pretty vivid HI at the stage you described, you can try to “zoom in” to it, like you tried. You just have to remember that it takes practice to do this correctly and that you probably won’t be able to do it for a while. You have to walk the line between falling asleep and remaining conscious, and like I said, it takes practice. Another thing you could try would be to “fall in” to the dream or “roll in” to it.

That thread may help.

In any case, good luck, kwikshot. Happy dreaming.

Wow cool :smile: Well, I’m pretty good at fighting my own body, what I do is my body wants me to scratch or move, and I fight against it, which is EXTREMELY uncomfortable and almost painful, but it’s easier than it used to be, and counting up numbers and repeating “im dreaming” makes it much easier to stay still, I feel pretty light, as if I’m about to fall out of bed, and my mind pictures that I’m in clouds, extremely vividly, but I don’t feel as if I’m there, it feels like, me lying in my bed, picturing that I’m there :\ I get really close but it’s like I’m just stuck, uncomfortably lying down, vividly having pictures in my head, waiting to see this “window” of a dream that I can fall into, it’s just annoying and uncomfortable, but it’s extremely easy to get to that point, it just takes time and willpower, I guess I need to stop getting excited at that point

hey, thats pretty much the problem i have, just that i don’t feel like i’m sleeping, eventually scenes pop into my mind in wich i am doing whatever liek i would in a dream but they are just in my thoughts as if i would be awake and daydreaming. guess i’ll try again anyway :smile:
good to know there are people experiencing nearly the same as i do :smile:

Yeah that’s pretty much the same, I can see vividly the images but, it just feels like I’m imagining it, and I can still feel my body, I feel like I’m VERY close to dreaming, but I KNOW I’m not, it’s really frustrating :\

Mmm…well, one thing you might try is to stop counting and to just kind of let yourself go into the dream. Problem there is that you might just fall asleep. But, it’s a lot better to accidentally fall asleep than to just lay there for hours.

well i don’t think i even could fall asleep at that moment even if i wanted to. I tried emptyieng my mind by “meditation” and get a feeling VERY close to dreaming but just for a brief moment before i get switched back to what i felt before. and i never really get like the kinds of noise described in the FAQ so maybe im just imagining to be in that state as i until now only read how it should feel. Eventually after trying the numbness i felt before starts to go away and i descide that this try has been unsuccesfull.

thx for your help by the way :smile:

Hmm I got a weird “whooshing” sound

You should do this after 5-6 hours of sleep. If you’re trying this at the beginning of the night it’s close to impossible to enter a LD. Putting an alarm or waking up with the help of auto-suggestion might be the only thing you need :tongue: since you’re getting so close.

Hmmm :\ is there any way I could enter a LD without sleeping before attempting?

yeah i thougbht about that, just when i tried my alarm woke me at 8 a.m. as planned and i opened my eyes realised my situation and closed them again with the thought of WILDing.
But just the feeling was more than different than before, i didn’t even come top the point of numbness or something it felt all different and despite lying there for about 20 minutes it was no different so i decided to go back to normal sleep. Eventually i woke up again after some time and just tried again but the same as before.
I’ll try again this night, i guess a problem might be that im in my holidays at the moment wich means when i slept for 5 hours it’s bright sunshine outside wich may distract me or something :meh:

i guess it is possible with WILD (i’m trying that as well) and of course with MILD because you actually get lucid while you sleep normally with MILD

It is possible, but A LOT harder! At the beginning of the night it takes you 90 minutes to enter your first REM phase. I think it’s what’s happening to you. You lie there and get images and weird feelings but just can’t enter the dream because you’d have to stay there for 90 minutes until you entered the dream :tongue: All this in theory, of course. I’ve heard of people that can do it without a problem, but it is harder.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and try then your body is already relaxed and ready to dream. The way you’re doing I’d say you’d be in a lucid dream in a coupel minutes! :smile:

Now that is exactly what i was searching for all the time :smile:
i guess 90 minutes wont be such a problem for me :smile:

I actually know someone who got his first LD using WILD without WBTB. I, personally, can’t get any success out of WBTB. No success with WILD and I also have no dream recall whatsoever on nights when I tried. However, it was always one method as well, so I might try a different method tonight…

hmm yeah my dreamrecall got very bad since i’m trying as well

The problem is (again, in theory! :wink: ) that if you move a little or even get to lost in your thoughts (I, at least, sometimes get tense without even noticing it when I start thinking and worrying about stuff) that will let your body know you’re still awake and the “timer” will reset to 90 minutes =/ So it’s not “simply” a matter of patience, of waiting 90 minutes.

But that doesn’t stop you from trying! I used to try at night anyway, just to practice relaxing my body and mind. Sometimes even if you fail at WILD you may carry a bit of consciousness into a dream and have a DILD!

Best of luck!