Problems with WILD

I have attempted this technique two or three times now, and honestly those WILD signs I read about feel very distant and hard to experience.
I lie down, close my eyes and see this usual reddish darkness through my eyelids, and then I might imagine some pulsing light intensity changes and some VERY unclear figures (although this afternoon I did see something that sort of looked like an apple and floated out of sight, but as I said, it was so unclear I’m not even sure if it was an actual figure).
Sure, you could say these are hopeful signs.
The problem is that I never seem to progress from there, I just lie still and watch some fairly normal-looking darkness forever and never get paralyzed or anything at all; basically the could-be real unclear figures are the closest I can get to a WILD, then no matter how much I try to keep my mind awake I still find myself waking up a few hours later with no memories of a lucid dream whatsoever.
I also do reality checks when I get up, but that also fails everytime, effectively disappointing me even more.

I sometimes make small movements of my body to check if I’ve got paralyzed, and I sometimes hear cars and other little noises outside that don’t annoy me that much at all, but can this really ruin my WILD attempts?
I know this is a very hard technique to learn, but I can’t help feeling disappointed everytime I fail to experience those visions and sounds everyone is talking about; it feels like my mind is blocking me from experiencing them.

Ok, two or three times is no where near enough to get discouraged :tongue:. I see posts just like these all the time, and it’s almost always asking about the same thing. Here’s what you need to understand: this may take time, lots of time. There are some people who are gifted enough to master it within a few days, but I’ve never met one in person. And even though I’ve had 1 or 2, I have not been able to consistently get them. Don’t worry about time, don’t worry about lack of progress, just do it.

Now, you sound like you’re worried you may not be doing it right, so let me help you out there. First, instead of just laying there waiting for HI (which you technically don’t even need to experience btw) try to count to help keep your mind focused. It can be good to count when you inhale, and say “I’m dreaming” when you exhale. Second, don’t move… at all. Checking to see if you’re paralyzed will ruin the entire process. It’s tempting, I know, but don’t do it!

One more thing, when are you doing this? If you’re doing it right as you go to bed you will have a much harder time as it will take at least 90 minutes before you hit your first REM cycle. Set an alarm for 5-6 hours after you go to bed and then try to WILD after that (you don’t have to completely get up like in a WBTB). You will fall asleep much faster and your chances will greatly improve.

Lastly, read these articles from out Knowledge Base. Better yet, visit the Knowledge Base in general.

WILD- A user friendly tutorial. This is great for knowing what to expect with HI.

The WILD FAQ. This will probably answer most of your questions and goes very in depth with how to do everything.

Best of luck, and let us know how it goes :content:!

Thanks, those guides did give me some eye-openers. :cool:
However, are there any more techniques than pretending to sink through your bed in case you don’t experience HI?
Also how exactly am I supposed to enter the dream if I “sink through my bed”?
It feels like doing that will make me enter the dream with my eyes still closed and still in bed, so how exactly will I “step into” the dream if I don’t see any of those HI images?

i have the same problem as op, but i dont get ANYTHING.

is swallowing ok? if not, ^that^ would be why

Swallowing, no. Thinking about swallowing, yes. See, this is why I hate it whenever guides tell people not to swallow. It is a natural function that on it’s own will only disrupt a WILD about as much as breathing. Just stay focused, ignore the urge to roll over and you will be fine.

Oh, and welcome to ld4all :welcome:

thanks. i’ll be sure to try that tonight- i dozed off again before i got there:P

i could never even get to SP because i keep focusing on NOT swallowing-but when it rolls down the back of your throat you cant help it…

Obviously you will produce less saliva if you put the tip of your tongue towards your lower teeth; it works decently, but no huge difference.
In any case, you usually forget about it if you focus on something else for a while.

Personally I have huge problems with itches, everytime I try to WILD I feel some random itch absolutely anywhere.

i can still never keep awake long enough for SP :razz:

ive tried counting, music, recalling my day, visualizing, playing movies back in my mind, breathing… still cant get there

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Everyone who still lives goes through SP every night, because otherwise they would jump out of windows and other s*** in real life as well.
So the only thing you really need to worry about is to remain awake until you’re supposed to have fallen asleep - SP WILL kick in at that point.

But SP isn’t the main goal here anyway, so try C-WILD (mentioned in another thread on the first page right now) - wake yourself up in the morning, then start counting while you’re trying to fall asleep again, then after reaching 100 or so do reality checks, and repeat this procedure until you’re dreaming.
It seems to be incredibly powerful, because on my first try I managed to keep counting in the dream too.
One step closer to Lucid Dreams! :hurray:

i meant to specify that i cannot reach a state of conscious SP :happy:

but when you say morning, do you mean earlier than you wake up, or can i sleep in and then count back to sleep?

I have been trying WILD too. I have managed tiny HI. I actually saw non-coloured balls flying around each other like how particles are represented in physics (kinda cool). After a while I felt a little numb and almost dizzy. My chest feels kinda heavy and its almost like I’m about to go somewhere, but my breathing is holding me back, like I can’t ‘let it go’. That lasts about 10-20 sec and then nothing :sad:

I also find it hard not to swallow :sad:

So far only LD’s I’ve had are from RC’s mostly pushing my fingers through walls.

I almost had my second lucid dream last night but i fell asleep.

That is my exact hurdle right now also! It feels like my breathing is trying to switch from being manually controlled to an automatic function, and it is a very strange sensation. It is hard not to feel like I am suffocating, since I am actually loosing control (or giving it up) of my breathing pattern. It is quite difficult to stay relaxed and focused during this transition.

Any idea on how to get past this would be greatly appreciated.

Actually, that’s exactly what’s happening. I think the feeling of sufocation comes when we try to breathe but can’t, since the conscious mind is losing control over the breathing. So I think the trick is to forget about it and focus on anything else (which isn’t easy, of course :tongue:) If you have HI any other HH that can be a good place to place your focus. Or you can try visualizing a scene…

That’s what i tried to do last night and i swear i almost got it but i fell asleep

Yep! That’s where I get stuck too. Feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest, hard not to panic. Some of the images flitting in front of your eyes are just too weird. Not something I would ever consciously think of. Then last night for the first time I had my right leg jerking occasionally LOL. That’s a new one :smile:
I’ll keep trying though, would be great to master this, having a lucid dream at will, think of the potential! My goal is to learn to heal myself and others using lucid dreaming. And learning to have mutual dreams.

The other problem I find with WILD… is my family members, as yesterday I felt a strange tingling and automatically thinking it’s SP I remain calm and begin seeing vivid colours. I thought I was pretty much there as I had the feeling of a heavy blanket being pulled over my chest but then…
ccrrreeeaakkk…BOOM BOOM BOOM

Thats all I could concentrate on for a second and made me flinch a bit causing my body to un-paralyze itself I looked over after that and saw my parents having a nice loud conversation at the top of the stairs for all to hear!

Anyway that can be another problem with WILD

Hahaha, same here, but the other way around, my daughter forgot I went to bed and right as I got to the suffocating feeling her cellphone rang and she was talking really loudly.
I could literally feel losing concentration physically. It felt like I was filled with water, and all of a sudden the plug got pulled and and the water rapidly drained, giving me back my feeling/awareness of my body. Really odd.

Anyone got some good advice for the swallowing? Everytime I seem to be getting there I get the urge to swallow and bam, the feeling’s gone.

what buzzed me off more was that this was my first real WILD attempt and they complain that I’M too loud, hypocrites

And yes swallowing can be a hard thing to ignore especially if you breathe through your mouth (as it can dry out) all I can suggest is to block it out, that normally works for me