Problems with WILD

I posted my trick somewhere but I forgot where.
What I do, and don’t laugh or be grossed out, I lay on my side, put a towel under my face, and keep my mouth open slightly making sure the corner of my mouth touches the towel, and I let my body do what it sometimes does naturally when in REM, and that is DROOL! haha This way I don’t notice anything, if your head is too far away from the towel then you can feel the drool on your cheek, and that it worse then an itch. Also by slightly breathing through your mouth , you won’t hardly drool at all, but you end up with a dry tongue :sad:


Do. Not. Think. About. It.

I really hate it when people say “try not to swallow” because it really hinders more than it helps. Swallowing is a natural function, just like breathing. If you think about it, yes, it will bother you. If you don’t think about it and let your body do its own thing, it will be fine.

Swallowing, like any other automatic function, continues on during SP (depending on what position you are in, of course). It will not break your concentration or ruin the process unless you are consciously doing it. Trying to fight the natural urge to swallow will actually do more to snap you out of your WILD attempt than if you were to just let it happen.

I think i know why i ain’t entering an LD when I try WILD:

Do i let my mind do it’s thing or try to enter a dream, like think of a dreamscape and stuff?

You lay back, relax, and passively observe the HI. Trying to create a specific dream setting would be VILD.

Been practising WILD for a few nights now and I always end up concentrating on swalloving. For some reason this is the hardest part for me ;f Oh well, spose I’ll try again tonight.

Bingo! The problem with swallowing is purely mental, if you get distracted or worried about it. The movement itself doesn’t hinder SP!

Oh ok thanks Rhawin, oh and Mattias, could you go to your keeping my eyes open topic and answer my last post?