Problems with WILDing guides

I’ve read a lot of WILDing guides on the internet, from a cursory explanation on Wikipedia, to the guides on here and DreamViews.

I’ve seen that many of them have problems that I’d like to point out (or at least try and point out ^^; )

First, many of them say try and be perfectly still. This may be a little subjective, but I know that you can’t stay PERFECTLY still. You make a lot of involuntary twitches which may or may not get your attention.

Second, they don’t seem to elaborate on the average time required for a successful WILD (from the time you lay down to the time you enter a dream).

Or maybe it’s just me, because I have problems WILDing, and I don’t understand a lot of the guides out there.

Seriously, there needs to be a step by step guide for this.

I agree. I need help on this too.

You may find some useful answers here about the moving part here:
[url]Making WILD your own (updated)]

About the duration…if you try it directly after a couple of hours sleep than it should be just a couple of minutes. Waiting any longer will only kill your motivation big time, so I would recommend just trying it again another day if it takes longer than 15 minutes. Also try to avoid the mental state of waiting for something to happen (like vibrations, SP or HI), because if you do that, it can keep you awake for hours. It’s often better to just count passively and tell yourself to check if you’re already asleep every x counts instead. Over time you will have randomly checked this at every phase of falling asleep and will learn how the different phases feel…most phases you should simply ignore (like HI & SP) and check again a few counts later. Either way, you’ll end up in a dream sooner or later.

You picked up on a lot of things that many beginners miss :content:. Like BeRightBack suggested, read my article on adapting WILD to your own needs. Sadly there really isn’t a way to make a clear guide since everyone has success with it in different ways. The best possible thing to do is to experiment and find what works. Good luck, it may take a while but it is worth it!

I think everyone wants this. But what you realize sooner or later is that this would be very bad, IMHO. After failing the first time, everyone would start following the rules to the letter, trying to get every single step perfeclty as it says in the gyude, instead of “listening” to their own WILD experience and learning what is right for them.

I honestly thing that the major problem is some WILD beginners thinking it’s too easy while other think it’s way too hard!

Calm down and keep trying. After achieving the first one you will see it’s easier than expected.

But I understand your point, and I believe that WILD guides can be improved, including mine and Rhewin’s…

Rhewin guide is very good, but it’s mostly a FAQ about WILD.

While mine is just a reference about identifying how far you are from actual dream.

Maybe what you need is a compilation of all of these…