The problem I am facing is that when I do realize i’m dreaming in the dream I wake up. It’s not because i’m too exited. I just know that the thing in the dream can’t be real and then I wake up. Or I can know I’m dreaming, but not control anything. Any tips?

Hi, LUCY777, welcome to LD4all :welcome:

When you realize that you are dreaming your first priority has to be to stabilize the dream. Rubbing your hands together and/or spinning are great ways to do this. After that you need to keep your senses active. Roll on the ground, take your clothes off, do jumping jacks, anything will work just keep moving and keep active. The more aware you are of your dream body, the less likely it is you will wake up.

Other things that have helped dreamers after the initial anchoring is taking what is known as the dream pill. Reach inside your pocket, do you feel something? Pull it out. It’s a pill that is the color of your choosing. Eat it, it can do anything you want it to, including make your dream last as long as you want. Other than little tricks like that, stay aware of your surroundings and your body at all times. Stay simulated, do RC’s from time to time and keep reminding yourself that you control when you wake up.

As for your second issue, lucid but no control, it’s all a matter of will. I would suggest using what we call “passive control.” Essentially, do an action while telling itself it will result in giving you more control. The dream pill is still a great tool here as it can make you all powerful, or you might also tell yourself that flipping a light switch on the wall will give you power. Alternatively, you can try to simply yell out “increase lucidity” or “increase control.” In the end, it all boils down to what you think you can do. If you expect to have no control, you will have no control.

I may be wrong, but it sounds like you are newer to lucid dreaming. If so, don’t get discouraged. It can take a while to blow past these early short length dreams. If you’ve been at it a while, you’re still ok. Just remember that you’re in control.

Anywho, best of luck. If you need something, just let us know :content:

I guess I worded my problem kinda weird. It’s more like I can control images, but it’s like when you are awake during the day and you close your eyes and you can see something, picturing things in your head but nothing else. When I’m dreaming and i’ve tried the FILD method as well as the WILD and DILD i go to that state rather than dreaming, because in dreams I can feel taste and smell. And when i’m in this state I can only control images and sounds. And then if I try to do anything besides imagine myself doing something, for example if I actually try to rub my hands together I rub my real hands in my room, not my dream hands, and wake up.

By the way I really appreciate you helping me out. And you were right I am new to Lucid dreaming, however I feel like I should be having them by now because I have excellent dream recall, I rarely forget a dream, and I do reality checks probably more than twice an hour throughout the day. It just seems like I’m missing a key element…

hi, and welcome! :wave:

If you are one of the not so many people that can actually SEE images when you close your eyes that’s great! I suggest you try to WILD while doing this. After 5 - 6 hours of sleep, wake up and try to WILD. Simply lie still and look at these images passively for a while. After some times they should transition into a full LD! You just have to watch these images until your body enters SP and then you should be good to go :smile:

Hold on a second. So most people cant picture things in there head?? I thought this was a common thing. Maybe you are thinking of something else because I’ve been reading a lot and lots of people talk about your minds eye which I think I am talking about. Another problem I have while trying WILD is that I can never see HI and never hear any HS. The closest thing I get to it is being able to see where my eyelids come together and it’s a little brighter. but I never see any colors other than black.

Ok, I think I get what you’re saying, but bear with me as I’m still just a tad foggy. It sounds like you’re getting stuck between awake and dreaming. It’s like you see the dream, you hear the dream, but you can’t step into it. Your mind is there but your body isn’t. You’re sort of daydreaming, but it’s a lot more intense, no?

If this is the case (which I hope it is because I hate being wrong twice :tongue:), you are extremely close. While this may not be garden variety HI, it will still be able to get you into a dream with practice. I myself usually perform WILD by passively observing daydreams rather than looking for random shapes and colors. You have to get to the point that you are entirely in this state. If you attempt to step in too quickly you’ll just revive your real body and have to start all over again.

Like mattias said, waking up 5-6 hours after falling asleep can help more than anything else. It makes it easier for your body to drift off to sleep. What I do is wake up, write in my DJ if I have recall, and then softly think “I’m dreaming” over and over while watching the images. As soon as I feel any part of my dream body I’ll make the move to step in.

I really hope that I’m understanding your problem correctly. Just give a shout if it’s wrong. We’ll get you the right answer one way or another :tongue:.

If you have this problem with the FILD and WILD methods, then that would make a whole lot of sense. But this isn’t a problem that should occure with DILD. If you have this problem when in a DILD, then you are probably fading back into a waking state, and don’t have full SP. DILDs should occure when you are already in a dream, so there should be no reason why your physical body would move, unless you were close to waking…

Hello and :welcome: Lucy777,

From what I gather, I take it that you are a very light sleeper and it is your body that wants to be awake, yet your concentration upon images and other senses of the dream are strong…?
I also have this problem sometimes. Like my body gets refreshed quick, it only likes to take cat naps while my mind still demands to sleep and dream.
Sounds like your mind is trained well for lucid dreaming, but the body is inpatient to relax. Like the mind, the body also needs to and can be trained.

I would suggest learning some relaxation techniques. Sometimes I use one where I basically hypnotize myself to believe that my limbs are getting heavier and heavier and I keep checking periodically to see if I can lift them, but it gets more and more difficult and they become so heavy and relaxed that they will never be able to move again until I consciously allow the body permission upon my command.

I appreciate all the help guys. Unfortunately, still no success, no Lucid Dreams. :cry: So now I have a more simple question: What is the absolute best/ easiest/ highest percentage of success technique? Because I think that I have literally tried them all, and almost every combination. So I think that if I focus on the most reliable one I will have more luck.

Yeah, I think what happens is people that can assume everyone else can and people that don’t do the same. The problem is that both call “seeing in your minds eye” (or whatever) two different things. When I read something like that I used to think “ok, so imagine it?” I had no idea some people coult literally SEE images with thier eyes closed. It’s called visualization and there are ways to improve it (I’ve heard. no success though :cry: )

anyway, in regards to the technique. There is no best technique :sad: That depends on the dreamer and how they sleep. Another thing is practice. Some techniques demand a bit of training to get them to work. If you just tried a few days each tech, maybe you can try a whole week of total dedication to one? WBTB also greatly increases chances of getting lucid, specially in combination with another tech. This topic might help though. There are other good topics in the knowledgebase too, in case ou haven’t read them yet.

As important as techniques (if not more! - in my opinion at least) is the mindset. Trust that you are perfectly able to lucid dream (because you are, just like the rest of us) instead of putting all your trust in a technique. It’s perfectly possible to LD with no technique at all, using just confidence! And try to take it lightly. Although it can be hard to avoid, frustration can really come in the way and make it take even longer to get a LD.

Hope I could help, good luck! Feel free to keep the questions coming :tongue:

Like mattias said, there’s no tech that has the highest percentage of success for everyone. Check out that link RCILD is easy enough to do, but it’s unreliable and depends on you randomely doing an RC in a dream. It’s happened to me on several occasions, but I’m just as likely to get DILD. Play with the other techniques in that link, but also do RC’s throughout the day, as often as possible. Just make sure you question reality as you do it.

If all else fails, you should try out the Infinity software by BenDrummin. It’s great for beginners and experienced people alike, but it will require some time and dedication. Ben actually garauntees success by the end of the 14 days if you follow it correctly (though I do know one or two people that had to try a second time :tongue:).

Ok. Sorry everyone it seems that i’m just riddled with problems. How about this one. I’ve downloaded things to listen to while falling asleep, so I just listen to them even if they are like 40 minutes long. Is there any solution to that?

And I tried bens software but every time i open it there is a new error. any tips?

If you want to fall asleep to it, turn it down until you can barely hear it. You’ll have an easier time sleeping but your SC will pick up on most of it.

As for the software issues, I would recommend PMing Ben

Ignore the error, if you look closely your computer is probably still downloading this even though you get the error message. You should have a little download box on the bottom of your lower toolbar with the percentage of download progress.
I downloaded this, but I was unaware that someone would actually be talking while the music was playing. I could not deal with that. Can’t even listen to audio books! LOL. Too invasive.