What’s the general consensus about profanity on this board? I noticed the board itself takes care of filtering anything too strong, but how do we feel about casual swearing and the use of words like hell and damn? I just don’t want to piss anyone off. I feel that profanity can be used to add emphasis or strong feeling, or sometimes convey exactly what I mean to say in the attitude in which I mean it. But really, I don’t want to piss anyone off.

So lemme know. Thanks.

The worst I’ve ever done here is “GOD DAMN IT!!” in all caps. That’s all… I also don’t want to piss anyone off, so lets go easy on the swearing. Nothing too strong of course, but it’s ok to use something when you’re damn mad as hell. Or something like that.

I broke that law a long time ago nerdcore. I dont agree, but you have to respect the rules. I used to curse alot, I guess it makes you sound or seem more polite and professional, when we don’t curse. I was threaten a couple of times for cursing on the thread, maybe you should come over to chat, you can say anything on your mind :grin: .Tomas and Stuffness dont care :tongue:

Good way to break the ice with this thread, i had no idea how to approach the idea back in the past :wink:

you know i thought that profanity as like all curse words i just found out today it is just against god. I use them all the timea nd i curse on boards if i am angry :razz: i didnt really think that too many people would take offence, i go to college and everyone second word there is F*** this and F*** that.

*** uck :razz: couldnt help it i am not used to ****** stars :happy::smiley:

I justify using curse words if they are used to express one`s feelings andif one wants to highlight it.Sometimes those words have a purpose and whole sentence wouldnt feel that proper like when with the curse word.
I dont like it if someones using it just as a break while he/she thinks what to say next.

Profanity is all vulgar swear words, not just those that are blasphemous.

Anyway, we’d prefer members restrained themseleves from using such language on the forum. This is a general community, and some people may be offended by the use of curse words. It’s still possible to add emphasis to your text using the formatting and size attributes.

Be sure to check out the Forum Guidelines and FAQ in the announcements section for information on the other posting rules and general forum etiquette.

Have fun. :smile:

wow i never thought of that when i first came on the bored. But i didn’t expect to spend so much time here :smile: . really i haven’t gotten any complaints but i don’t cures much. I’ll use ‘god damnit’ and ‘you lucky bastard’ in good humor on occations. And A** which is blocked out while shit is still aloud which i don’t quite get. but i use a** on a pretty regular bassis. it blockes it out anyway so why not. i try to keep it reletivly clean though. I don’t think most people have a problem with swaering if used at the right time. But you never know how old the other users on the thread may be. Though i haven’t run into any one to my knowladge who was under the age of 14. which come on, if your 14 you’ve heard it all before. but still… Be cool and it shouldn’t be a problem.

personally i don’t get offended by swearing. i don’t think i’ve heard it directed at a particular person on this forum so i don’t see why people should get offended. But because there are people that get offended it is probably best to limit your swearing. As other’s have said, there are other ways to emphasise your language.

alex there are youngens on this here board and we cant let them know what the real world is like we just have to throw them in blind…

oh jack lol just read ur post in da movie pedro is making lol good stuff amn i should really post that threre hmm.

Ath that is what i though as well but i actually looked it up in the dictonary and there it was against god. That is why i responded to this post cause it was odd having to look that up and then finding it here :happy:

but it was an old book

throws old books out window

Never throw old books away. Well, some old books I could do without… coughBiblecough

Ok. Good to know. I’m very tactful and considerate, most of the time. That’s why I started this thread. But it seems that the general consensus is that a few hells and damns are acceptable. Honestly, it’s just English. The very concept of profanity annoys me to no ******* end. (<- joke :tongue: ) But seriously, they’re words. They’re tools for expression. Sometimes I can more effectively and efficiently express myself by saying damn. And why dance around it if you know what I mean? And sometimes using a substitute like “darn” or “dang” detracts. It steals your statements thunder.

“Get your dang feet off my table!”

That just sounds like a joke…

It’s English vulgarness. It is offensive to many people, and it’s also rude in the same way the word “crap” or the word “fart” is. Swearing around people that you’re fully aware might be offended by it is disrespectful. What I don’t understand is why some swear words are allowed and others aren’t. It’s likely the swear words permitted are just as offensive to the people that they offend as the ones edited out. I suppose it’s not that those running these types of places actually respect people’s feelings about cussing but do it so they don’t get a bunch of complaints or in some kind of trouble. It’s the standard, they’re safe with it.

Profanity isn’t necessary to emphasize or precisely articulate what you are feeling. In fact, a secular band I listen to doesn’t swear at all in their songs because the lead singer/guitarist thinks it’s an unintelligent way to get a point across. I think this is a wise notion. I’ve heard someone say cussing adds effect, but the only effect it adds is it makes you sound like a moron whose feeble mind can’t come up with anything to say that’s actually intelligent.

Ok, sorry. Don’t take that personally. I got carried away. :content:

My point is you should try to get your point across in a more intelligent—and often appropriate—way. If you want to swear around your friends when you’re just hanging out then OK. While I don’t agree with swearing at all, at least then you’re not doing it around people offended by it. Just don’t do it excessively. Man, it’s just annoying when every other word someone says is a cuss word (read second paragraph, fourth sentence).


What do you mean, while he thinks what to say next? As in something like this: “Yeah, I went to the grocery store and got… &#%@… eggs, yeah, and… ^$%!.. oh yeah, bread. And I also got… #&^… etc.”? In other words, substitutes for words like “um” and “uh.”

And nerdcore, it’s only “consensus.” Just about every time I see the word “consensus” used on the internet it’s preceded by the word “general.” But it is, in fact, just “consensus.”

Ok, I’m off :smile:

They are just words. Just sounds made by forming your mouth a certain way. I don’t get why you are aloud to say “poo”, but you can’t say another certain word. They have the same meaning. You can say “intercourse”, but you can’t say a word beginning with “f”. WHY?! People attatch a forbiddenness to it needlessly. Well, F U. C K that I say. SHI.T on it, shitfuckedyfuck.

Alright, first off you used the word “secular” so I will disregard any of your opinions regarding behavior and conduct because you base them on your religion which I feel very sure is bunk. Anyway, that seems to be the opinion of said lead singer/guitarist, not Jesus. I don’t care if this secular frontman thinks it’s unintelligent. I’m damn smart. I’ve got an IQ of 120, and I say crap and fart. Saying crap, fart, hell, damn, and piss don’t make me stupid. It’s very narrow of you to assume that.

You’re right. I shouldn’t take you calling me a feeble-minded moron personally.

Bite me, hair-splitter.
The King James Version of the Bible, all marked up by skeptic scholars.

Yet with your last post…you attempted to offend certain members of this forum.

Eep :eek: . Getting a little off topic… Anyways I think that no one should be offened by them. I mean its only letters making up a representation of something that would be fine if not for that certain word. Take the A-word we can’t use. Not that many people would be horrified if I said butt, but then I sound stupid. Like one poster said "And sometimes using a substitute like “darn” or “dang” detracts. It steals your statements thunder. "

But as the case is, some people are offended by it, so I don’t try to impose my opinions on them. I’ll say “God damn it” every now and then, with maybe one or two "shit"s.

The chat, however, is a totally different story :devil:

Jesus ■■■■■■■ christ!!! You see this is a perfect exapmle of the most sencitive making the rules for the rest of us. CHILL OUT TRIDE 15!!! There words. What did they ever do to you. God never said don’t say ■■■■, or a**, or f*ck. And i will agree with nerdcore that yes they can be used to add to the over all effect of what one is saing. and like nerdcore i’m 136 so piss off. if anything makes me sound unintellegent its my spelling and not my use of ■■■■.

good call.

Okay i’m sorry tride 15 i didn’t mean to attack you. I get rather into the whole prophanity thing when people tell me not to do it. I’ve heard all those arguments before and it gets rather anoying to here them over and over and over and over again.
anyway there just words.
As far a youngens go, i’m going to disregared the statment i made earlier. Them reading a few sware words on this furom is not going to do anywhere nere as much damage to their development as their parents will do to them. every body on the board is pretty respectfull and aside from the drug threads on shortcutts… there is nothing detremental to youth on here at all. so i say again just be cool every one and this furom will remain a nice place to be. :smile: [/b]

I personally see nothing wrong with such words, unless they are used for personal attacks…

ok… this started nice enough but seems to be turning into a flame war.

Everybody has had their say on this.

This thread has come far enough and before it explodes i will lock it.

Thank you for your understanding.