PsiberDreaming Conference 2011 [winners announced]

I think it’s fair to only read them after the deadline. :tongue:

:mirror: /me paces around the room

Me? Wondering when the winners are announced? Me? Of course not :whistle:

Thank you everyone for your applications. I really appreciate the time and effort you took to write down your motivation :smile: I have considered each and every application and decided as follows:

The lucky winners are…

Scipio Xaos

congratulations! :happy:
you will receive a PM with further instructions. Enjoy the conference!

Thank you everyone!

Have fun everyone! It really is amazing to be mentally attending a conference with so many lucid dreamers all over the world. Make sure you try the contests, you’ll be amazed! :pharaoh:

Blimy /me sits back in awe

This is so insane. It’s like 9am, so forgive me for having to do multiple RC’s, but I mean wow…

Thank you, Qu for the opportunity you’re giving all of us.

/me shares around a batch of warm cookies

Congratulations you five, and enjoy the conference :cool:

Thanks a bundle, Q. I’m sure we all will enjoy the conference very much.

Kauai: Contests? :eek:

Scipio, dreaming contests, like mutual dreaming or SD and some other kind of LD contests :cool_raz:

Wow, crazy!

Thanks so much Q. Grats to the other winners. Well definitely all benefit greatly.

Hoards as many of Eilatans cookies as possible

Congrats people!

Time for a headdancing party!

For the ones who will attend the PDC

/me is a bit happy he wasn’t a accepted; he just got more problems IRL, and would not be able to watch ALL THE THINGS. :lol:

Woo! :woot:

Thanks a lot for this opportunity, Qu. I’ll be sure to bring back anything I’ve learned to LD4all. I’m most interested in learning more about lucid living since that’s what I do, and I’d like to be able to better articulate what it is so others can practice this lifestyle as well. :content:

/me hopes to have time to watch ALL THE THINGS

/me congratulates the other winners as well


:eek: Wow, thanks so much Q! This would definitely help me make that decision! Been down for a couple days (sick), so this absolutely cheered me up! I’m very excited to attend, and very curious of what will be presented.

Again, thanks so much!:DDD & congrats to the other four winners.

Headdances, and falls over from excitement

:eek: that’s why Starry has been missing !! Are you ok now? :ok:

You mean other Four? anyway, it’s good to see someone else who headdances!!!

I made no epik fail mistake… :whistle:

StarryGwee vanishes in a puff of smoke

ENJoY!! What an amazing experience this is for everyone involved!! I attended last year and I learned So much it’s quite the mind opening experience! Much love to you all!! Can’t wait to hear about your experiences!

Ah, crap. I just HAD to get back into the lucid dreaming habit a month late, lol.

Anyways, enjoy the conference, lucky winners. And pass on what you learn to us common folk! :smile:

Congrats to all the winners.

I hope you have the time of your lives :content:

Ah heck. Decided to join in anyway. :smile:

Svenshinhan come to the chatroom! :happy:

I’ll properly join in starting tomorrow. I have a meeting at my university for which I have to get up on time and it’s already late over here.

But I’ll be showing up a lot in the next two weeks, no worries about that! :smile: