PsiberDreaming Conference 2011 [winners announced]

The PDC is an online conference. You can attend in your PJ’s if you want. It takes place on a forum. The duration is 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks, every day new presentations are posted on the PDC forum.
So you can attend from wherever you are in the world as there are no specific times you need to be online.

You also aren’t required to be 2 weeks there, but it is highly recommended as it is a very addictive high pressure kind of atmosphere. So you will want to keep up with everything. But nothing is compulsory, and at the end of the 2 weeks the conference forum stays open for another 2 weeks as read only, so you can still catch up with what you have missed :content:

Oh, that’s good then, thanks. I’ll apply for sure then. I just was worried that there would be online presentations that happen at yada-yada time and I would miss all them because of school, but thanks. Writing an app right now :tongue:.

/me hopes Qu doesn’t have a time sorting through all old and new ones

Wait, when are people picked? :o

I think she’ll have the picks either at deadline or once she’s found 5 people with a good enough motivation/reason for a free pass.

Selections are done after deadline and the lucky winners will be informed in the weekend of 17/18 sept :content:

4 days left! :nuu:

/me nervously noms a cookie then looks up to find staring people

What this?

I saw Qu had double posted and thought the world was ending

/me gives Qu a calm cookie o.o

I know I attended last year, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping!
It was such a great experience! If I had found a job yet I would have just paid for it myself, but still no luck in that department, and my yardsale money is runing out :sad:
Still, I know I was meant to be here for a reason, and I can’t help but feel that all is well :smile:

3 days left to apply :hyper:

i would apply, except I have volleyball practice every day until 5:30, and lots of homework after that :sad: So no time. But if my schedule was a bit emptier I defintely would’ve went for it :smile:

As I said earlier, it’s not a very good time for an event. I’ll be very busy during the last week of September, so I prefer someone with more time apply instead of me (at first). Still, would love to “attend” it and bring more knowledge to our community.

If you are accepted, please tell what happens there then… :happy:

But, if no one elses wants it, who knows… :tongue:

two days left! you still have time to apply :smile:

I only consider applications that are done through PM or email.
remember, it’s the motivation that counts :smile: No matter how short or how long, but I need to know why you really want it :smile:

ok, now I see that I shouldn’t waste the opportunity of at least applying for it.

Thank you very much… also…

Challenge Accepted

1 day left to apply!

:peek: actually a bit more - I will open my pm inbox Saturday morning and all applications I see in there will be considered. My timezone is GMT + 2 in case you want to go for the last minute approach :wink:

You haven’t read any yet? :woah:

I think it’s fair to only read them after the deadline. :tongue:

:mirror: /me paces around the room

Me? Wondering when the winners are announced? Me? Of course not :whistle:

Thank you everyone for your applications. I really appreciate the time and effort you took to write down your motivation :smile: I have considered each and every application and decided as follows:

The lucky winners are…

Scipio Xaos

congratulations! :happy:
you will receive a PM with further instructions. Enjoy the conference!

Thank you everyone!

Have fun everyone! It really is amazing to be mentally attending a conference with so many lucid dreamers all over the world. Make sure you try the contests, you’ll be amazed! :pharaoh:

Blimy /me sits back in awe

This is so insane. It’s like 9am, so forgive me for having to do multiple RC’s, but I mean wow…

Thank you, Qu for the opportunity you’re giving all of us.

/me shares around a batch of warm cookies