Quest 34 - August - Make a wish come true

This sounds like it could be fun. hehe, i’m deffinatly trying this.

I had this dream and thought about posting it even if I didn’t actually make the wish come true. But then I saw that we don’t have to necessarily make the wish come true! As I got the DC to make a wish and spent the rest of the dream (which wasn’t very long, but…) trying to make it come true, I’d say I did it! :grin:

August 10th 2008 - The Wish
lucidity: medium
vividness: very vivid/ok
stability: good enough

[LD]I’m not sure how I got lucid. I’m in my back yard. I notice everything is very vivid (probably the most vivid I’ve gotten so far). I wonder if I ak dreaming really, but I just know I am. I walk around the house, going through the garage. I touch the wall and rub my hands a bit.

I meet two guys, a short one and a really tall one. I remember the ld4all quest! and ask them to make a wish. They say they don’t want to, but I insist. The tall guy says he wants me to go away and come back in a balloon! (what a weird wish… :content: )

So I go out to the street and tell myself that I’ll see a balloon when I turn the corner to the next street. When I turn it takes me a few seconds to see the big yellow balloon in the distance. I start walking there, but I wake up before I reach it. :cry: [/LD]

:happy: congrats mattiasdavis :smile:

aw sweet!

This is gna be fun :happy:

Thanks, Q! :hurray:

I have comleted the quest, albeit only slightly lucid i’ll post it later today with a link in here as an edit

Ok, i WILDed this morning, and kept repeating ‘Grant a DC’s wish’ [which may i add is quite a tongue twister!! :tongue:] So, heres what happened;

Cal’s Wish.

I fell into my dream through WILD, and was falling through the sky thorugh what can only be described as a ‘cloud tornado’ [it wasnt moving, it was just a bunch of clouds in that spiral shape] and i landed on a small cloud and was flying through the air. I thought to myself ‘Grant a DCs Wish!!’ and looked around, and noticed there was a DC floating on my cloud with me. He looked about 10 years old. I say to him ‘Whats your name?’ and he replies ‘Cal.’ I continue. ‘And whats your wish?’ and he says ‘I want a red bike.’ At this point the cloud has landed on the ground and we are both standing in a maroon coloured hallway/corridor. I think of what to do with him whilst i go and search for a bike, so i start to tell him to stay where he is and ill come back to find him, but then decide to take a picture of him, and i pull out my phone from my pocket and snap a pic of him. [ i intend to be able to summon him from the picture at a later date, as i remember i can do anything in a dream] and i walk round a corner in search for a red bike. however when i turn the corner theres a full length mirror, and i decide to jump into it and chant ‘Behind this mirror will be a red bike’ and jump through. however this wakes me up.

I know i didnt end up granting his wish, but will this suffice as i tried? let me know :wink: … and i had fun with this quest, excellent suggestion! :content:

Haz :colgate: x

congrats BlueandWhite! :clap: :slide:

Very well done, and yes, you have completed the Quest, but you are the final judge on if you want your wings for this or not.

Also congrats Rich! I read the dream in your DJ, didn’t realize you had posted in here as well.

Thanks PasQuale :colgate:

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Was in my sig for ages :tongue:

I reckon i did alright =]

I think however i may re-try some point today or tommorow, see if i can succesfully complete one :content:

Also - i know its a tad off topic, but ive always wondered, what keyboard combination you use to get the " | " ?

Thankyou ! :mrgreen:

i think i did this.

I had a dream where i was iron man and this egg-person was screaming at me to save his children in his car from a giant squid and i did by using my shrinking ray lol =]

does it count? :smile:

well i think i may have done this but in a cheap, cheat kinda way, i was only in a ND and my friend said …blah blah blah i wish… as you would in WL if you said, “gah i wish i could drive” or sumin, and i could grant it being i had what he wanted in my ream :smile:, its in my DJ

jamesey: if it was in a lucid then it may count, we need a link to your dream or the full dream report :wink:

Lil-P: you have to be lucid to do the Quest, it’s a lucid dreaming Quest after all :wink:

just skrew me then Q. :sad: haha jokes, thats true i spoze

i think its not a good idea. You spend the rest of you ´r good LD to make what the DC want. (But you can with your mind edit his wishes^^^)

ooo ok then =p i will edit back with the link

EDIT: The longest entry :smile:

cool dream :happy:
Well technically you have granted a wish that a DC shouted at you. :yes: but the important thing is if you feel you have succeeded (to be awarded wings for this one) :content:

Hm, well i sorta was proud of myself of my fast thinkin :smile:

Well. I think I did it. Maybe.
I don’t remember the first half of the dream, nor how I became lucid. But anyhow, I remembered the ld4all quest, and walked up to my friend to ask him what his wish was. The thing is, he wasn’t that clear. And I still have no clue what he said. :confused: And I lost what my lucidity after I asked him anyway. :cry: I don’t feel that I completed the quest, but I can give it another try tonight.

I got a DILD last night and remembered to do this.

Making A Wish
I’m standing next to our kitchen table and my grandma, mom, and dad were sitting there. There was a conversation going on but it soon ended. Something just hit me… I should ask someone what they want to wish for! I thought I should do this fast because I don’t know when the dream was going to end.

I asked my grandma what she wanted to wish for, but I couldn’t really understand her but I put my arms up in the air and brought them down, as if there was something was supposed to appear, but nothing did come up. I was confused and thought that I couldn’t make something appear. I then asked my mom what she wanted to wish for but my vision went black and I quickly came back to reality where I opened up my eyes.

Reminds me of Aladin, I bet a good way to get into the mood for this quest is watching that movie before you go to sleep. Just a tip. :smile: