Quest 35: Relax!

Good work Ysim :thumbs: I thought all the mods had wings when I was new, but moogle doesnt have them (yet). Trying to LD after the quest gives LD a new point, am I right Q?

Q says i have half a wing for the LD4all Quest 26: The Spirit of giving :wink: … I so nearly did it!

So when you hear a bell ring it will be moogle getting her wings :tongue:

I had an LD, then all of a sudden remembered to do this quest. So, I went into an elevator, and there were places on the wall that I could go to, to relax. I typed in where I was going, then the elevator started. And right when, the doors started to open…I woke up!! :cry:

Haha! Maybe its a sign that you need to relax in reality to truly relax or something. Perhaps you subconcious is pissed that you’re working too hard (if you’re a hard worker)

i think i did the quest while i was away…

:sigh: Probably… :roll: I will keep trying though…

I thinl you have your wings, I heard a bell ring from here: :razz: Isnt the ring great :mrgreen:

I think i made it few nights ago. Here is a quote from my DJ :smile:

Congratulations siiw and Cyrus :smile: well done :smile:

[ WHOOHOO! :grin:

woo! wolb! congrats on completing the Quest! :happy:

:fly: look, a flying wolb :wolf:

(still a few days until you get your wings :grin: )

What is the next quest :cool_raz:




for earning your wings with this Quest


congratulations Siiw for completing this Quest (virtual invisible extra wings added to your name :wink: )

This Quest is now officially over, which means you cannot earn your wings anymore by completing it. However you are free to do this Quest any time and post your results in this topic :smile:

Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest :smile: