Quest 37 - november - Swim with the Dolphins


Does DILD count?
I had a dream about dolphins with guns last night…In some sort of circus.
Then i remembered about LD4all.And i was like WTF OMG.I did the hand RC.Then I noticed i was sinking…is some sort of very dense water.
I got me some dolphins and a Krakken :tongue:
And we were like playing tag.
I was tempted to fly,but the dream ended.
/me hasn’t made a post in his DJ in a while…

:yes: its a way to get an LD, I read your part and I say you succeeded :clap:

Your wings come 30th november.

Oh No! This sounds like so much, this weekend is the only time I’ll have for an LD (WILD/MILD) and I don’t have an alarm clock… uh-oh… What do I do… :help: steals dad’s alarm clock :peek:

Read wolfgame. You might get lucky and have a random WGILD. :lmao:

Dont worry download, I dont let my duties stop me from having LD :cool:

well done Pridak, and ofcourse DILD counts, as long as you are lucid :smile:
and it’s up to you if you feel you deserve your wings for it :content:

/me is going to try harder,and see if he will be pleased after he succeeded some more quests
For now…i will refuse
But what do they do,anyways?

They are an honor for yourself, I dont know, maybe if you ask Q :cool_raz:

Take the wings and RUN!!! :tongue:

I gotta add this first dream for the second to make sense. :razz:

congrats wolbeth!
I like the one where you sprouted wings from your back :grin:
Hope you enjoyed that dolphin ride :happy:

I probably won’t end up doing this… :cry:

I never did wake up in the night, but in my dream I was so scared, I thought, “I’m dreaming! I have to be!” I did an RC, and it worked! I could breathe! I danced around laughing at this creepy guy, but he just laughed back. I was going to attempt to fly when I did a recheck, it failed. For some reason, I thought I plugged my nose wrong. Then I couldn’t remember anything after.

If only I stuck with the first test. I might have had wings a little sooner… maybe tonight…

Quote from my DJ :tongue:

Well pridak, who misses me when he/she is on LD4all :cool_raz:

Anyway, nice quest, you deserve the wings :wink:

I almost swam with dolphins.

I have to try this tonight… you guys succeeded really nicely!

I hope I can WILD, normally I just forget I’m trying to WILD and fall asleep… =P

I was just SO MAD! In my LD last night, I realized, I have to swim with the dolphins! I started heading in the direction of water and then… blank… Oh well, it lasted longer than the “whoa… I’m dreaming…” stage… I have a lot of experience with that! :eek:

congrats on your attempt Download! :happy: good luck next time!

I dreamed I swam with dolphins last night, not lucid though… grrr. Im getting so tired of missing all the clear dreamsigns that have been visiting my dreams recently!

Go on… :wink:
Still post dream??