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Hey. I’m new here, of course, but I’ve been visiting this site for some time now. I’m 15, and I’ve probably been attempting to induce lucid dreams for a little over 3 months. In that time, however, I’ve only been successful in having two dreams that actually could be considered as ‘lucid.’ I can’t recall what it was that made me realize I was dreaming on the two occasions, but I do remember that counting the fingers on my hand helped me to retain a state of consciousness when it began to fade.

My question is this: How much control are the more experienced lucid dreamers able to implement in their dreams, regarding the plot, scene, and characters? In my second lucid dream, I had known I was dreaming and I was able to experiment and alter certain aspects of the dream itself. The only problem was that upon waking, I realized that the majority of my dream involved shooting man-eating cows with a shotgun and beating up David Letterman. It was like being on a tour bus through my mind. My conscious mind could reach out the window and rustle some things around, but was always forced to remain buckled into its seat while that annoying tour-guide, my subconscious, shaped the world to its liking.

How much time did it take before you were able to make the change from passenger to guide?

You can have complete control over your LD’s. You can summon DC out of thin air, pick scenery, and control the plot. In short there is nothing you can’t do in a LD. You can gain this control very quickly. You just have to adjust your thinking a little and realize that waking world rules do not apply in LD ‘s. The key is to expect you dream to respond the way you want it to. Things can still get a bit confusing because if you choose not to take control of everything then you subconscious sort of fills in the gaps for you. Sometimes with amusing results.

on your first LD ‘s :partying_face:

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hmm milod is right you can have compleate control over the dreams but that doesnt mean that you do have control over everything. you may be a guide in the world as you put it, but the world will still do its own things

The subconscious can make some pretty strange stuff up, take a look at some peoples dream journals and their lucids dreams to get a good idea of that.

it took me years to get the control that i got now, but to get a good grip over the drea it took me about 4 - 6 months, and that was with 1-2 ld a month

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Yes. Sometimes I just give my dreams a general direction I want the dream to go in and see what my mind come up with. It can be more fun than trying to control every detail myself. Though it should not take that long to gain that level of control over you dreams.

It might be a good idea to go along with the dream and control it just a bit. Easier too :smile:.

Easy either way. You can control everything which may keep you more engaged in the dream or go along with the dream (or just give the dream a nudge in the direction you want it to go)and just change little things. It does not really matter. All that is important is that you expect the dream to respond the way you want it to. Leave all your rules and expectations from your waking life behind. Once you are Lucid controlling the dream will become easy.

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A while ago I posted a Lucid Dreaming FAQ thread. There’s some interesting stuff in it about controlling your dreams:

You can have utter and complete control of your dream.