Question about Flying

I haven’t gotten an LD before, but my Dream last night embedded in my memory that I don’t know how to Fly.

I had a Pre-lucid last night, and as flying is one of the first things on my Lucid To-do list, I want to know how.

Do I just imagine that I am off the ground, then take off, or do I have to do something special?

There is an endless amount of techniques how to fly, take a look at this or just experiment and invent your own way how to fly. :smile:

What you have to do is believe your going to fly. When your dreaming try superman style put your arm up in the air and jump then tell your self you are going to fly. The trick is to truly believe :content:

Well, you actually don’t know how to fly :smile: you are not the bird. But more important thing you can imagine and visualize how flying should look and FEEL. It’s about the feeling, a lot…

I usually don’t advice techniques for flying. I like to say: Simply imagine and fly. It’s that simple. Or you can listen to Peter Pan, happy thoughts… But again, it’s about thought, imagination and feeling. You don’t need a technique, because needing one you are making things more complicated and you are starting to over thinking things…

Try to be casual and natural…

When I first flew in (my only) LD, I tried to jump off my sofa with my arms spread as you’d expect to fly. I just crashed to the ground. But, I would jump into the air, every time gaining a tiny bit of height and time flying. After a bit, I jumped off a chair and doggy paddled in the air for a good minute or so.

As I never had an LD after this, I never finished learning to fly properly.

I actually flew for the first time in a LD last night. It happened very much as I expected, simply jumping off the ground and going up. No obstacles could stop me and I even did a couple of flips.

I think it all comes down to what you believe you can do, I’ve heard how dreams work from others and I believe that flying in one would be easy, thus it was. If you think it’s something you have to learn or work towards then I guess your dream isn’t going to make it easy for you. So the solution would be not to overthink it and instead just do it. It’s your dream and nothing can stop you.

As far as technique went for me there was none. Since I chained into this dream I was already running, the thought crossed my mind and so I just jumped into the air with my running start. If only everything was so simple. Once in the air there was no flapping or other effort, just hovering, floating about. Superman style I suppose.

Anyway though, good luck, hope you guys can figure it out. :smile:

I had my dream sister show me how. She also showed me how to walk through glass. Asking a DC might help you :content:

When you are in a lucid dream, go to your local flying school. They should teach you a few things. :smile:

When I’ve had LDs, I jumped out my window, spread my arms and just glided. No instructions needed. I can be reckless irl, maybe that helps with just jumping out the window after one lousy RC. But it’s all a placebo, if you accept that you can glide, you will.