Question about sleep paralysis/WILD

It took a few weeks for me to have my first LD. Be patient, it will come :wink:

It’s not hard, you just need patience. Frustration will make you so much farther away from having a LD than if you were patient.

Noone can say for sure how long it will take you to have your first lucid dream. If you practice seriously and have patients they will come. What techniques are you using to induce lucid dreams?

It is not hard you just need to make more reality checks and pay atention on certain details.
You do some crazy things in dream but still don’t get it you dream, more RT RT RT and it’ll come.
It is hard if you are suck into dream fully, you just act and get involved, and in my case forget to test reality.
Flying above ground usualy helps to get it. going through wall or seeing with closed eyes, that is something I often dream but anyway I think it is reality, too bad.

It’s hard not to get frustrated when you’ve made aboslutely no progress in a week of trying to LD several times a day, with a whole lot of different WILD techniques…

I should probably be more patient… :neutral:

Everyone has some frustration at first but, be assured that if you keep practicing you will succeed. Everyone does in there own time.

Do you:

  1. keep a DJ ?
  2. Have you worked on your dream recall?
  3. Do reality testing ( RT )?

I see you are practicing with WILD. You should read as much as you can in the big WILD topic.

I also recommend practice with meditation or self hypnosis. It is not required but is a big help.

Don’t you try to practise DILD, dramon ?

How do you induce a DILD?

You can’t really, the only way to intentionally have a DILD is by doing lots of RC’s during the day and hoping for the best at night.

I don’t know what Basilus West meant…

Hmmm… Are you kidding ? :grin: :tongue:

I’m rather sure that most of the LDers here have had their first LD with DILD.
There are 2 main LDing methods : WILD and DILD.
As you know, WILD is when you try to get asleep consciously. With DILD (dream initiated lucid dream), you try to induce lucidity from a normal dream. The DILD main methods are :

  1. autosuggestion : before sleeping, you mentally repeat : “This night, I’ll realize that I’m dreaming”.
  2. MILD : quite the same method, but you remember your last dream, and imagine when you could have realize it was as dream and then that you become lucid.
  3. The “find your hands” method : suggest yourself that you’ll find your hands in your next dream
  4. Reality checks (it can be practised alone or as a complement to other methods)

You can find more information about DILD in the Lucid dreaming wikibook and in the followings topics :
Looking at your hands
The BIG MILD topic
The BIG RC topic

Good luck ! :smile:

Oh, so that’s what you meant by DILD? It’s just a MILD variation…Interesting, will try it over the next few days.

I just came to conclusion that thing is out of control. I was like you trying to push it and dreampire always won. Dream convinced me it was normal to fly, dead realitves to be alive and everything to stop for a second and I believed.
So I don’t know how I would win next time. I am continuously being suck into dream and it overwhelmes my mind…
But I did it 3 times since I joined the forum, hads lucid dream.
It is well over my normal frequency of having them.
I think you should try to make a dream diary, it sure will help.
It will help you trace back into your dream and remind your brain of its topic, so next time you’ll be able to take control.(good luck)

Hmmm, I have tried many techniques over the past 3 weeks, and I have had no success!!!

I’m flustered, I’m feeling so frustrated right now :grrr:

I should give up!!Anyone have any encouraging words to say??!?!?

Obviously, WILD is not the good technique for you, Dramon. Why did you choose this technique though very few people masterize it ? (For instance, I’ve 65 DILDs and no one WILD, and I’m trying WILDing for years.)
If you haven’t the faintest result with WILD, try another technique. :grin:

Were my words encouraging enough ? :rofl:

How do you go about inducing DILDs?

And yes, your words were encouraging. :wink: I’d forgotten there were other techniques besides WILD. :eek:

BTW, how does having good dream recall/keeping dream journal help in getting LD’s?

You mostly get DILDs by doing MILD. And you don’t really get that many LDs even if you have great dream recall :sad: But if you fail with WILD you might also get a DILD anyway :cool:

So MILD is a spotty way to get LD’s?

See, this is why I wanted to do WILDs. I don’t wanna spend weeks trying MILD only to get 1 LD every once in a while. I wanna be able to get them regularly.

But I guess, MILD is the best I’ve got…

With practice, you WILL be able to get LD’s at will with MILD. Stephen LaBerge, the author of EWLD, has mastered the technique and can get an LD virtually anytime he wants using MILD.

You’ll find a lot of DILD methods on the Lucid Dreaming Wikibook (chapter Induction techniques).
:grrr: They’ve always forgotten to write my favourite DILD technique, the “Find Your hands” technique…

To lucid dream you have to be aware you are dreaming. Practicing dream recall and keeping a DJ are tools for helping you become more aware of your dreams. By writing them down you will start to notice consistencies in your dreams that can be used as aids in becoming lucid.