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Hey everyone… I’m pretty new to this forum. I’ve been trying to LD for a year now. I prob. could have had one by now, but I’ve been oober busy and haven’t really devoted a certain time to really really try to Lucid Dream. Ok, I have a question for all you’s experienced peoples. I have been trying to WILD for a week, and last night I think I came close. My legs and thighs, and arms were twitching in like spearate places sparatically and I think my body was starting to paralyze itself. However I get “tired” of laying in the same position for too long, so I end up moving. I’ve felt the vibrations before and heard voices/noises. And when I HI I see like a round dark bluish shape being covered by a black round thing. It’s as if the bluish thing is shrinking. Sometimes a see pictures… I never quiet get to a dream though. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate your response. Much Love! ~Jordan~

Hi DareToDream, and welcome to the forum!

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Personally, I don’t have any luck with WILD, nor have I tried, so others may be able to help you… and giving the little yellow Search button at the top can be a great help too :smile:

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Hi DareToDream, welcome once more!

This is actually called “phosphenes”. There are ways to induce a WILD by focussing on them, read more about it here:

WILDing with phosphenes

Also I would suggest to try WILD with WBTB, since at night you will fall into REM dreams right away, plus you are still in a drowsy state so that you will fall asleep fast.