Questions for newbies and vets

Thank you.

It would help to know how/what/who is my DG. Did you find yours in a dream and from there knew the form and personality of your DG?!

No problem. :3

Yeah, that’s how it happened for me. Her form has changed somewhat as time has gone on (I blame derpy dream memories), but her personality was always a constant.

I suppose if you don’t know who your SG is, you can always hang out a shingle of sorts using symbolism. Like, instead of picturing a form, you visualize some shapeless entity, like a ball of light or a silhouette. It may take longer to decipher a response (and possibly be harder to be emotionally open with some relatively unknown being), but it may just work. Just trust that your SG is listening, and trying to communicate with you, and won’t hurt you emotionally.

Well I asked about the dreams because I always have this stupid feeling that I am not alone in the dream. There’s always someone with me, sometimes I can see someone and most of the times I can’t. So I think that this might be my DG I suppose… And here I’m not talking about “standard” DC’s aside from them there is always some kind of presence.

Lucid dreaming came to me before I knew the concept of lucid dreaming. Thanks to a internet friend, I’ve managed to understand that those “weird” dreams I’ve had were actually lucid dreams.

Back when I was a teen I used to have a lot of low lucidity dreams. I could’ve sense that I was dreaming and take actions in my control. I used it pretty much for 18+ stuff as every stupid kid would do. When I’ve had my first high lucidity dream, things changed pretty quickly, but the habbit of years and years of 18+ experience was still present. There are waaaay more satisfying things in lucid dreaming than this, It was pretty hard for me to get out of the grip of this sensation, but I’m pretty proud of myself that I’ve managed to do it. I now use it as a way to say to my sick mind “well, ok, im not that crazy for doing/thinking all this”. And last but not least - pure entertainment.

Definatelly DILD. Its super effective when combined with WBTB. Its absolutely effective when both combined with AILD (Alcohol Induced Lucid Dreaming :razz:) resulting in a WBTB -> DILD -> (WILD chain) until you get bored from those WILDs

Hard to say… back as a teen I had one almost every day. After that… not so many. I can always have a lucid dream if I put some effert into it, but… im pretty lazy >.< I like to roll around my bed for a few extra hours, sometimes Im rewarded with cool lucid dreams for my lazyness :happy:

I used to think that being able to read a text, look away, read it again and find out that its the same except for its surrounding to be pretty impressive, until a daydream character broke my perception of impressive.

Ahhh yeah that could definitely be your DG/SG. :3 Especially if they just kinda “feel” sentient in ways standard DC’s just don’t. Sounds like you’ve got a great lead! Good luck!

Thanks a lot! :content:

a) How much time did you take before becoming a lucid dreamer? Since the first day you decided to be an LDmer until you get LD at will, how many weeks passed out?

This is a tough one to answer as I was LDing before knew what LDing was. I had my first LD as a young child. By the time I learnt that LDing was a thing, and something not every one could do at will, I was already a natural LDer.

Why do you want LDs?

Sometimes I like to just take control, become something unusual. Other times I am happy to just sit back and let the dream take it’s own path.

At first, which method was best for you? And now?

I guess I mostly rely on DILD. Though I am often just naturally lucid.

How many LDs do you have each month (or year or week, whatever)?

It varies on a multitude of factors. How tired I am is the biggest, the more tired an the less recall have. I probably average 2 per night on a good day, but can go with it any for weeks if an having poor sleep.