Reality Check induced lucid dream, Is this something?((ps if this was already a topic my bad)) the only time i’ve been lucid is when i put an a on my hand and when ever i saw it i would do a RC. it was only for a small burst :cry: but is it something and if or if not whats your thoughts on this?

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Yes, it’s something, a specific type of DILD (Dream INITIATED Lucid Dream).
RCILD is Reality Check Initiated Lucid Dream.

And yes, your small burst was something! congrats!

Reality Checks don’t work for me. I got to do them in a dream tons of times, but I got a FLD.

Well Bleant, you really have to make sure to expect the RC to fail, even when you’re awake. That is because, frankly, you can’t ever actually know if you’re awake or not. I know I feel awake right now, but I feel awake in my dreams as well when I’m not paying attention. In fact…

/me does an RC just to make sure…

Nope, apparently awake… maybe.

Soo what should i do if RCs don’t always work :cry: what else should i do? ((link to guide please)) Wild doesn’t seem to work or i don’t seem to get it. :help:

You don’t necessarily have to use techniques like WILD. The key is awareness.

Wyvern’s post might help you: click or you should try LL or AC’s (awareness checks) instead of normal RC’s, topic about AC’s can be found here.

Well, RC’s are very helpful to confirm you’re dreaming, but don’t trigger the actual key question “Could I be dreaming, now?”.

It’s very important that you imprint in your head WHEN you want to ask yourself this question and do a RC afterwards.

From personal experience: carrying around tokens and markings with you and doing a RC every time you see them…it doesn’t work, because those triggers aren’t there in your dreams, so you only question reality when awake.

What does work is doing a RC at events that happen regularly in your DREAMS.
Listing all your dream signs can be a good thing to start with (you can find those in your dream journal). Visualize for each separate dream sign that you will do a RC when you see it. Do this multiple times to really link this dream sign to the question “Am I dreaming?”

Sometimes it can be hard to learn to do a RC at events that ONLY occur in your dreams (like dream signs), because you can’t practice for real. So if it dream signs don’t work, you could also choose an event that happens regularly in BOTH your DREAMS as well as in WAKING LIFE. I.e. do a RC each time you meet your mom/dad/friend or you are at a certain location.