Reality checks not working?

I remember this morning walking to school something that happend last night. I recall me standing in my room with the light on shouting ‘MORE LUCIDITY!’
It was then clear that last night I did realise I was in a dream. After however, I heard my mum shout ‘Shut up! Go back to bed!!’ I was like…Wow, could this be real? (The shouting 'more lucidity probably made it feel more real) I then did a nose RC, I couldn’t breath…I was like ‘Huh…This is real? oh crap…’ I then jumped back into bed (with the light on). When i woke up, my light was turned off and I asked my mum if she did really shout at me, and she said ‘er…no…’

It was undenyable so real, and with the RC not working I lost lucidity.
I do now believe that I must of turned on the light, which probably took a few seconds and made me lucid.

Are RC’s always like this, or is it very rare? Lost a great opportunity with it being so vivid. :neutral: , ah well, a LD is a LD, even if it only lasts half a minuite…

oooh! How FRUSTRATING!!! argh!!!

Reality Checks never seem to work for me, I either know im dreaming or I don’t… it does get really irritating though when you wake up and realise you’ve missed a great oppourtunity for lucidity though… arghness…i will share your pain… :grrr:

You might want to do a RC before you shout “More Lucidity!”, cause if your dream becomes too clear you will have doubt and in a way expect your RC to fail.

it is frustrating but quit funny to read :smile:

Last night, I was reading that topic → Link to Pedro’s VILD method

That guy sugggests to always do 2 RC, in case one would FAILED!

The few time I did RC, they worked and got me LD, but I already had the feeling it was a dream… I guess you really have to believe the RC will work. Maybe, if you pinched your nose and thought and really believe you would not be able to breath, well, your brain tricked your RC.

My advice, always have a 2nd backup RC, just in case :tongue:
Also, take a look at that LINK above, quit interesting!

Yeah i’ll have to use a back-up RC. I was thinking about the special power one. I’m pretty good at levitating things in lucid dreams, So i’ll probs try that.

will you really try to levitate IRL ?

you might want to stick to simple and quick RC:

  • Looking at your hand
  • Closing one eye and try looking at your nose (Predro’s)
  • Looking at text / time / symbol twice, expecting it to change.

Well i did it alot in dreams when i was young and i know how to do it. If i try in real life, it won’t work. But doing it in any dream it always can work.
It might sometimes not work, so the eye/nose one is quite a good option too. Or even looking at my hand, The text however is very hard since there might not be text in my dream.

I’d usually perform two: the common sense test and look at what I’m wearing. Nowadays, I don’t need to perform RC’s anymore; I just know I’m in a dream. So I mostly do it for fun.