really need some advice

it seems that the only time i can have LDs anymore is in the morning when i wake up and go back to sleep, it’s really helpful to me because it’s like i can just wake up and close my eyes and open them again and i’m in an LD, and it’s the summer so i can do this as much as i want, but it’s frustrating because i can never realize that i’m dreaming in my dreams at night, like i get a ton of dream signs though, like i’m riding in a plain and the the rows of seats are like stairs or there are two doors to my basement, but i can never recognize them, any tips, and also i don’t know if anyone else has thought about this but i would like to find a method to where you could say, tonight i’ll dream this before you went to sleep and you could dream exactly that, and i’ve tried thinking about whatever i want to dream about during the day and it doesn’t help me, so if anyone knows of anyway that you could just say this is what i will dream, and you would dream that, that would be awesome, it’s like as good as WILD, but if anyone has any tips on any of this stuff that i’ve talked about please reply and tell me

Hi ilovelucid.

The method you are asking about is called VILD, and you can find it here. Further you are doing already pretty well, so dont be frustrated (if you are), getting lucid at night without WBTB is just a little harder. You can try to incubate dreams with the use of your dreamsigns and VILD, perhaps that would work, or you could try to use pure autosuggestion like repeating the sentence “when I see [insert dreamsign], I will know that I am dreaming” before you fall asleep (also a good combo with MILD). Anyway, good luck with it! :smile:

thank you very much