Really strange and scary feeling I had tonight

Well, tonight I downloaded the lucid remix mp3, the halfhour long with an echoing voice saying “I am aware that I’m in a dream, you will remember to check your reality, and to identify that you are in a dream”. So I had my earphones on, listened to that while I slept on my side. Occasionally, I almost forgot the sound was playing, because I almost drove into sleep when the voice was heard and I remembered it again.

I laid completely still all the time.

Suddenly something really strange happens. I got some imagination of being sucked into a black hole and then I feel like my bed is twisting around, almost feeling as if I’m about to fall off my bed. It floats me around and I have a really strange feeling about it. My heart starts to beat much faster, my eyes are completely closed all the time, and I imagine this twisting and twirling and I almost get to sleep in it. It felt really strange, as said as if I was about to fall off my bed. It was also getting a little warmer.

Under this time I was still listening to the sound file on my portable disk player, it get’s almost ambient and very scary almost. Finally this twirling, sucking, falling feeling fades away, and I choose after a while to sit up in bed. I’m almost a bit scared that because of all this I was in a dream. I checked my digital clock, did several RC’s. No, I was in reality alright. I felt really strange that night, and also feel today, awake. So I decided to stop the sound file after that happening and practising MILD while drifting into sleep again.

So basicly the feeling was that I almost didn’t feel myself lying in bed, I felt myself being thrown all over my bed, twirling, spinning, and it felt a bit scary. I thought it was an OBE first but I didn’t get out of my body quite. It felt just as if my body was thrown all over the place.

During this strange twirling falling period I thought to myself “Calm Jonah, you are just experiencing a WILD, and there is nothing to be worried about, you are only a frightened beginner, calm, calm…”. So my question to you is; was this a WILD? Did you ever experience anything like this? If it was not a WILD, what was it?

Thanks in advance.

At least you experienced something with that lucid remix mp3. The only thing that it did for me was completely messing up my dream recall. Two nights in a row and absolutely no dream recall :cry: And I usually remember 2-4 dreams per night
I just deleted it from my ipod and my computer… it appears I’m best of without it :eh:

could u guys give a link,to where i can find it,i mean the song.

It’s right HERE

when i click on the link,i get the error page,i.e. page cannot be found.HELP!

Did you click this link?

yo man,thanks,now it works

That’s wierd. I had a wierd expirience while VILDing a few nights ago, read about it here. [url]painful experience when drifting asleep]

By the way, when i’ve been in bed for a while, and i think about myself on a spinning table, i feel like i’m spinning for a few seconds. So that is sorta the same…well…not really… :tongue:

You were right to think it’s a wild. It can ba hard to stay calm when such things happen. When they start I just think “it’s happening” and intend to stay calm. Never do though. Ofcourse I haven’t to my recollection been thrown around like that but once i felt i went through a tunnel like a rollercoaster. I know that I’ll ge tused to it. if it only happened more often. When it did it was always a surprise. i wasn’t prepared. And its been quite a while now.

Python Angel.
That is most likely when you are going into SP and getting some of the hallucinations, it has happened to me a couple of times. I just normaly relax and try to concentrate on the feeling and then I’ve gone into a LD from there.

I think the music that’s best is to listen to something that you can associate with LDing, I like listening to to “Karen O - Whenever I wake up” from a Adidas advert (impossible is nothing) because that commercial reminds me of LDing.

[color=darkblue]I get the black hole feeling- sometimes I have a dream that is blackness and I try to look down at my hands and then wake up.

I sometimes also hear strange hissing noises when practicing. It’s when I concentrate hard on getting a lucid. I feel my body going numb and then it’s like I’ve fallen a huge distance in a short time.

I know what you are talking about. This is probably the onset of an OBE or SP and could lead into an LD. That’s a lot of abbriviation![/color]

It happened again tonight as well. Read the top post. What happened was I was listening to the same CD part, but this time it was not only a feeling of “black hole” and twirling, it felt as if I was sometimes floating, sometimes sinking in to my bed but the newest thing was some strange muscle spasms or something. I sometimes felt a muscle, for example my leg or my shoulder, starting to vibrate and get tense. Is this what WILD is?

Finally, my most important question. I listened to the CD for 20 minutes, feeling numb in my body at this time. For example, I couldn’t feel if my hands were on my stomach or on the matress. When I tried to move I could, but it felt again as if I was rusty. How long do you have to continue this feeling until you get a WILD and get into the dream? I did it for 20 minutes. Is that enough for a beginner?

Finally, is WILD combined with WBTB a good idea?

I understand how you feel, I get the same SP feeling, but think of this, to get into REM sleep it takes about 90 minutes I hear, so if you lay there for 20 minutes, the furthest you will get are HI and HH, wich is what I believe you were experiencing, HH that is, with the spinning on your bed and the blackhole feeling. Just keep trying, WILD really isn’t easy.

And WILD with WBTB does wonders for some people. :smile:

First WBTB is very good with WILD.
If you are trying to WILD when you first go to bed, then it is very difficult because your first sleep cycle is deep sleep for up to 70 min’s, then REM. You can have n-REM dreams, but they are generaly not as vivid. with WBTB, you can try WILD after about six hours sleep. Then you could be going into REM shortly after falling asleep, so you have a better chance of having a good LD.
What you are talking about sounds normal for WILD, as far as one can talk about normal. Each person is different. You will have to try different ways of reacting to the feelings and see what works for you. If you are not trying WILD, then you should just try to get to sleep so that the tech. you are trying has a chance to work. If you are doing MILD, then do your sentences and focus on your dream, then try to get to sleep and let it work. The tape can be a help for MILD, DILD or WILD. For some people tapes do not work.

Python Angel, what you describe are the complete somesthetic HH that are experienced by some WILD’ers. When you reach such a state, twirling and floating, you’re already dreaming so you can try to spin around your axis to enter a LD.