Really Struggling

I have been attempting to lucid dream for a long time. After about 2 months, I gave up. Now I’m back and struggling. I’ve stared with MILD, I remembering about 3 dreams a night and I’m doing really thoughtful reality checks every 20-30 minutes. No luck. Saying the phrase “I will realise I’m dreaming” before bed hasn’t worked and following MILD has left me spending hours trying to fall asleep. I recently tried setting an alarm to try WBTB but I was tired and slept straight through it. Please give me some help and advice

Mild shouldn’t end up taking hours falling asleep. Were you constantly repeating the mantra during that time? Just repeating for 15 to 20 minutes should work.
If you naturally wake up in the night, this would be a good time to attempt Mild.

I recommend that you look through a few faq and tutorial topics in their sub forum

Welcome to the forum lucid.dreamer :wave:

Thanks. I was repeating the mantra all the time but just struggled to drift off. I’m not a great sleeper. Will definitely try in the middle of the night with WBTB

Hello lucid.dreamer, welcome to the forums!

First thing first: don’t give up on lucid dreams. For me it took months but I have no regrets :slight_smile: and neither will you.

3 dreams each night sounds like a really good basis. Just to make sure, are you getting enough sleep in total? It is very beneficial to get at least as much as your body ordinarily needs plus a little more. In general it’s good to have little stress in your life as you are practicing.

As for techniques you seem to be doing pretty well. Not everything works equally well for everyone though, so after you explored one technique you can try other ones. Moogle pointed you at some resources already :slight_smile:

I have a question for you. There are a lot of signs that can indicate progress. Do you sometimes dream of dreams or lucidity related topics? If so, then all the groundwork has probably been laid in your mind.

Since there is a very real chance that you could get a lucid dream every time you go to bed now, it’s a good idea to have some plan what you want to do in case you are successful :wink:

I think the most important advice from my side is to check your motives for wanting to lucid dream. Good motivation is almost indispensable on this quest. Obsession on the other hand is usually a big obstacle. I had my first LD a good time after I stopped trying and I’m not the only one with this story :lol: Consider taking a break of at least one week and give yourself some plain sleep. Sounds counterintuitive but can work wonders. Don’t let your dream recall and all related activities drop though. You do want to remember the LD if you happen to have one.

Unfortunately, my dreams have been nothing to do with LDs even tho I seem to Ben spending half my day looking at LD related stuff. I guess it will just take time. Thanks for the tips :slightly_smiling_face:

If that is the case then try a slow and steady approach over rushing things. As you have probably read, LDing is more likely to occur in the morning hours. The dreams in those phases are also more likely to be the ones you remember. The content and topics of those dreams tends to be drawn from experiences longer ago (a few weeks). So my suggestion is to keep the dreaming topics in your mind for a longer period of time and slowly digest everything :smiley:

Okay thank you so much :blush:. I was just wondering, at there any techniques to remember dreams in the mornings. I know you can say mantras before bed but I am remembering lots. It just is really annoying it’s at the back of my mind and I feel like I almost can remember it.

There are indeed a few techniques you are supposed to employ before dreaming and while they may work wonders for some, I’m sceptical that they ever had any positive effect for me :lol:
My recall is mostly about the morning. Here’s what I do if I wake up blank or if I have some tingling memories in the back of my head like you described: Lay still. Listen to every thought that comes to mind, savour every feeling that stirs your heart. Try to remove all other sensory input, e.g. close your eyes. Try to block your real life. If your mind is drifting to your schedule that you made for today, try to block it ignore it. Focus on the night. Sometimes I try to change to different positions and hope I will remember if my body gets the same feeling that it had when I was dreaming.
If nothing pops up then I guide my thoughts to search for the memories more actively. I think of my regular dream signs. The dreams I had in the previous nights. The things that are currently going on in my life (going about 4 weeks back) and that keep my thoughts busy or touch me emotionally.

Using these techniques I have a chance of about 50% to remember something. Even if it’s just a tiny sliver, that’s enough. You can pluck it and slowly, carefully extract much more of the dream from it, if only you have a starting point.

By the way, keep repeating the search every now and then during waking life if you really want the dream back. Different environments can trigger different memories. Sometimes the dream just hits you by itself. It may only come in disguise though. If you have a deja vu like experience, definitely investigate into that. You may feel that way because you had a very similar dream!

Got you. Will definitely try this. I find looking through my dream journal can help too. I have one dream sign that appears in almost every dream!

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If you feel like your MILD inductions might not be working well, you might find some information on this thread helpful!

Also, doing your RC on a timer/when your remember might be a good way to keep them in your head and make them a habit, but a better RC is done when triggered by something that appears/happens in your dreams! Make a habit of your dream signs triggering a RC. Depending on your dream signs you may or may not have difficulty incorporating it into WL.

Reading about your efforts reminded me of this podcast Lucid or Bust: The quest for a lucid dream, that I recently listened to. You might get something out of it, particularly I’d recommend the Myth of Lucid Dreaming episode; start at 25:40 minutes for the myth vs. the reality of lucid dreaming discussion from someone who has struggled to get a lucid dream for over 40 years.

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Okay thanks